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Can I Ship Any Personal Item in My Car While Shipping?

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Shipping Personal Items In Car

Yes, you can ship your vehicle with any personal items you want. However, the Department of Transport (DOT) has not clearly stated that personal or household items can be carried in the vehicle. We allow up to 100 lbs of personal baggage free of charge. Personal items weighing more than this amount will incur additional charges. Being the best auto transport industry, your vehicle reached the destination with a damage free guarantee. But we are not sure of the same for any personal baggage as the carrier’s cargo insurance does not cover personal baggage. For example, if household items are bouncing around inside your vehicle and causing interior damage, that damage will not be covered. Damage is also not covered if a thief breaks your window to take your property. Carrying firearms, ammunition, flammable/hazardous materials, or illegal drugs in your vehicle is strictly prohibited.

Safety Tips for Transporting a Personal Vehicle with a Damage Free Guarantee

When shipping your vehicle with personal items, it's important to take a few steps to ensure that everything arrives at the destination safely. Here are a few tips to help avoid any unfortunate situations:
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Can I Track My Car while in Transit ?

Best Way Auto Transport LLC offers a convenient car location tracking service for our customers. To track your car journey, simply send us a car location tracking request with your tracking number, name, email address, telephone number, and zip code. Our experienced team will then provide you with updates on your car’s location when you need them. We understand that transporting a vehicle can be a daunting task, so as top-rated vehicle transport services in USA we offer our customer a vehicle tracking system. Our customer-focused approach means we’re always happy to help, and our customer service team is available to provide personalized help and support. Contact us today for more information and to schedule your timely vehicle transport service in USA.

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