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Best Way Auto Transport LLC goes above and beyond to reduce your car shipping costs without skimping. We have additional resources thanks to our fleet of trucks with our contracted car carriers and their skilled drivers. Although our car delivery prices are not always the cheapest, they are unbeatable when weighed against the reliability and quality of service we provide.

Need advice on consigning an automobile at a reasonable price? There are several strategies for reducing car shipping costs, although these vary depending on the parameters listed earlier. Check out the tips below, and make the most of them:

1. Distance – Where Are You Shipping To and From?

The primary determinant of your car shipping cost is usually the distance between your pickup and delivery destination. Car carriers’ costs increase with distance. Most businesses charge a per-mile rate for delivery, and these rates typically decrease as the distance increases. Longer deliveries are more expensive but cost less per mile, while shorter deliveries are cheaper but cost more per mile.

2. Open Vs Enclosed Car Shipping: Which one you should Choose?

Do you plan to move to another state? Enclosed and open-air car shipping are generally two options available at car shipping company . Any type of vehicle, especially an old or ordinary type, can be used for open-air car shipping. Whereas enclosed car shipping provides a lot of safety and security. Most of the time, owners who want to move a new car, classic car, or collector must use enclosed transportation.
The most popular option for customers who need to ship an automobile is open-air car shipping method. While an open shipment often costs between $500 and $1,000, an enclosed car shipping method typically costs between $1,000 and $2,000. If you ship a closed vehicle compared to an open one, you will spend 50% to 100% more per mile.

3. Versatility: Is Your Vehicle Operable or operable?

The price you pay to export your car depends on a number of factors, including its condition. A winch can be used to load and unload a vehicle that does not start but that nevertheless rolls, brakes and steers. Normally, vehicles are taken to a truck to be loaded, but if the engine dies, the process cannot proceed. Also, car carriers who use a winch may charge a premium due to the additional work.
It is your responsibility to notify your agent if your vehicle is not working so that they do not send a truck that cannot load it and charge some bucks extra in car shipping cost. Be honest about the vehicle's condition when scheduling your shipping to avoid any unnecessary hassle caused by misrepresenting the vehicle's condition.

4.Factors of Vehicle: Size, Weight & Model of Vehicle)

DOT and FMSCS enforce limits on how much weight each car hauler can carry based on its specific set of wheels and trailer. As an example, a 7,000-pound dually truck will cost twice as much to ship as a 3,500-pound vehicle. The goal of a car hauler for any given route is to haul as many cars as possible as well as bring in as much money as possible. The price may increase if your car needs extra space due to being raised or lowered.
Be sure to provide your car carrier agent with all the relevant information they need to know about the vehicle you are exporting so that there are no misunderstandings at pickup. Get a car shipping estimate by entering simple information into the car shipping cost calculator to make a quick decision. If your truck has a 12-inch lift kit and you neglect to mention it, the car carriers may not be able to pick it up. This can put you in a difficult position.

5. Route: Is your Route Popular or less familiar?

Be aware of your pick-up and drop-off locations are. The more away from the driver's typical automobile shipping route they have to go, the higher the price will be. Most cities have a bigger supply of trucks and drivers available for hire. You can take advantage of increased availability and competitive pricing thanks to strong customer demand. When shipping a car in major cities, such as cost from New Jersey to Florida you can expect to pay more because this is a popular route.
Unfortunately, the cost of using a car to get around increases when one is in a more remote location. A skilled and experienced firm will go to great lengths to guarantee you obtain the best rate possible, no matter where you reside, although auto transport charges will be higher in less travelled locations. The further away from a motorway you are, the higher your monthly payment will be.

6. Time of Year: Which Season is Suitable for Car Shipping?

The auto transport industry is very similar to the logistics industry as a whole. Prices and turnaround times are determined by the laws of supply and demand. Vacations are most enjoyable in summer and spring. Due to this, there is more movement of vehicles during these months. At this time, costs are higher than usual.
For example, you can expect to pay extra to New York to Florida in the winter, when many people make their annual migration south to escape the cold. If you need to ship your car during the spring or summer, be prepared to pay a premium on some routes.

7.Expedited Car Shipping: Do you want to schedule a quick service?

If you require immediate pickup and/or immediate delivery of your automobile or other vehicle, the cost will increase. A carrier may need to rearrange its timetable or make other last-minute preparations, which will increase the cost of urgent delivery. This means that a motorist who normally travels during the day may have to drive at night with shorter intervals.
Make sure you get it in writing from the company you engage to ship your car with if the carrier they hire fails to meet your expedited car shipping dates. You will receive a full refund of the broker deposit and the cost difference between standard and expedited car shipping.

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