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Auto Transport Cost in US: Summer vs. Winter

Auto Transport Cost in US: Summer vs. Winter

Shipping cars is now easier than ever. Nowadays, exporting your car has many advantages, and it can be done almost hassle-free. However, some elements, such as weather, have a major impact on transportation. Do you know how weather conditions affect shipping car prices? Shipping costs certainly vary significantly with the seasons. You can prevent yourself from going bankrupt during the busiest season of the year by keeping a close eye on things.

This blog post explains how changing seasons affect the cost of shipping cars and offers some tips to avoid breaking the bank when shipping a car.

How do the Seasons Impact the Cost of Auto Shipping?

The cost of car delivery varies according to the service you choose. It is very important to understand the factors that go into the final auto shipping quote. Auto transport prices are determined by a number of factors. Costs are affected by various factors such as type of transportation, distance traveled, location, customization, and make and model of vehicle.

For example: without considering potential unexpected costs from winter weather that can add hundreds of extra, the expected cost of a typical car trip in the winter is $1,300 compared to $1,450 in the summer. Despite the seemingly high base shipment costs, summer is the safest and most reliable time to ship a car.

But supply and demand are an important issue. The cost of delivering an automobile is determined by changes in supply and demand, which can vary significantly over months. The number of people who need auto transport at any given time greatly affects the cost of auto transport. Just consider the season during which most people choose to move. Since it is summer, demand increases and prices change accordingly.

While this is an overly simplistic approach, it does a pretty good job of reflecting the inevitable swings in spending. As one might guess, there are a few exceptions to this rule. For example, on some routes, contrary to what you might expect, winter prices go up rather than down.

Summer are Tended to be more Expensive for Shipping a Car:

Some claim that the shipping business pays more in winter than in summer. However, most transport companies charge higher prices in summer, according to a Consumer Affairs study. The analysis suggests that shipping costs could increase by $200 to $300 throughout the summer. There are several reasons for these results:

Auto transport businesses see an increase in business in summer. Majority of people like to travel in summer. It is also the best time to travel with children. Prices rise when demand exceeds supply. Traffic has increased on major routes like New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago.

Enclosed auto transport is recommended to protect vehicles from winter snow. Most car owners are not eligible for this premium service, which is the transport system. Those unable to pay for this service may decide to hold off until the weather improves. As a result, fewer people ship in the winter than in the summer. Additionally, cars can travel freely throughout the summer despite high temperatures.

On the other hand, activities are less active during the winter months. Vehicle transport companies are forced to reduce their rates due to low demand.

It is important to note that not all businesses experience price differences. Small and startup businesses usually take advantage of this opportunity to grow their clientele. As a result, during the summer, they cannot raise prices substantially.

How Weather Affects Timelines for Auto Shipping:

Winter car transport is more time-consuming than summer car transport for several reasons. Following are few reasons.

  • In July, a carrier can safely drive 60-65 mph on open highways. In a Minnesota blizzard, icy, snow-covered roads can reduce speeds to 40 mph or less.
  • Winter driving time is limited to shorter daylight hours. For example, on long summer days, a truck leaving Seattle at sunrise can travel 600 miles. In the deep winter months, the same vehicle can only travel 400-500 miles before the driver has to turn around at dusk.
  • In winter, many rural or mountain roads become impassable. Car haulers, for example, find it too dangerous to drive through the Upper Midwest or the High Rockies between November and March. To avoid congested highways, businesses must redirect traffic through longer routes.
  • Winter causes driver shortages as some employees choose to take time off rather than work in inclement weather. Transit times could be faster if fewer drivers were available. In summer, a vehicle may ship next day, but in winter, it may take more than five days.
  • Summer shipping, on the other hand, benefits from direct routing possibilities, a greater number of drivers, greater daily driving range, and safer highways. In summer, there is less delay and downtime and faster vehicle movement.


In summary, when shipping vehicles for large distances, seasonal weather patterns have a direct impact on travel times and preparation requirements. Due to road hazards in winters, one should drive more carefully and anticipate possible difficulties on the way. There is an added risk of overheating and sun damage while traveling in the summer months.

Contact Best Way Auto Transport now for individual support and adaptive preparation based on the upcoming seasonal weather. Their shipping experts help customers compare carriers to get the best possible deals and delivery schedules. They even offer shipping date recommendations to help you avoid paying exorbitant summer charges. For a personal consultation on winter or summer vehicle deliveries, call them at (XXX) XXX-XXXX.

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Comprehensive Guide on Choosing Enclosed Auto Shipment

Choosing the best shipping option is important when moving your valuable car. A premium option is provided by enclosed auto transport, especially for owners of expensive, vintage, or luxury cars. This guide provided by Best Way Auto Transport that explores the world of car transportation and highlights all its benefits. We’ll go over why this method is the safest choice and how to get affordable Enclosed car transport quotes for your specific needs. Together, we’ll advance the benefits and process of choosing connected transportation, ensuring your car travels as safely and conveniently as possible.

Understanding Enclosed Auto Transport Service

A premium shipping option has been created to ensure the best possible care and safety of the vehicles during their transit which is Enclosed Auto Shipment. Unlike traditional transportation options, this service involves moving cars in fully enclosed trailers, providing protection from outside hazards, weather and road debris. This is the recommended option when extra protection is necessary, such as when shipping expensive, vintage, or luxury cars.

Enclosed Auto Shipping is a commitment to maintaining your vehicle’s condition from collection to delivery, not just a method of transportation. Features like climate control, hydraulic liftgates for safe loading, and soft tie-downs to guarantee your vehicle stays in top condition are often included in this service.

Benefits of Choosing Enclosed Auto Transport

As enclosed auto transport has many advantages, it is the best option when shipping expensive cars. The better defense it offers against external factors is one of the main advantages. Your vehicle is protected from weather, road debris, and any potential damage that may occur during transportation when you choose enclosed car shipping. This is especially important for premium cars as dents and scratches greatly reduce their value.

Enclosed auto transport also provides a lot of privacy and privacy. Enclosed car shipping guarantees that your vehicle will be kept out of sight for the duration of the journey, unlike open air car shipping, when the vehicles are visible to the public. This extra degree of privacy is especially attractive to celebrities or car collectors who like to keep their vehicles under wraps.

How Best Way Auto Transport Ensures Safe and Secure Auto Transport?

Best Way Auto Transport cuts no corners when it comes to safe and secure vehicle transportation. They have a strict procedure to guarantee that your car is treated with the utmost care and attention to detail. From the time you hand over your automobile to Best Way Auto Transport until it reaches its destination, their team of experts work hard to make the transfer process smooth and hassle-free.

The transportation process is carefully planned and executed at every stage. Best Way Auto Transport adheres to strict measures to guarantee the safety and security of your vehicle throughout the process from initial inspection to loading and unloading process. They take every precaution to avoid any possible damage during the journey, and their drivers are expert and skilled in driving luxury automobiles.

How much does Enclosed Car Shipping Service Cost?

The cost of enclosed auto transport for cars varies according to several variables, such as distance traveled, car type and model, season, any unique requirements, and collection and delivery locations. Because enclosed automobile shipping offers additional security and special services, it is generally more expensive than open auto shipment.

For shorter routes, enclosed auto shipping costs can average $1.25 to $2.00 per mile. For longer distances. The cost per mile of car transportation is generally lower. For example, depending on the variables listed earlier. The cost of moving an Enclosed car 1,000 miles can range from $1,000 to $2,000. It is important to keep in mind that these are only approximate costs and actual costs may vary depending on the situation.

It is advisable to obtain quotations from multiple transport providers to get an accurate estimate of your specific Enclosed auto shipping needs. This will enable you to estimate the cost and decide which option best suits your needs and budget. To maintain openness and prevent unexpected costs, it’s also important to ask about any additional fees or charges that may apply.


Best Way Auto Transport is a prominent player in the enclosed vehicle transportation sector. Best Way Auto Transport offers reliable, safe, and efficient auto shipping services throughout the United States thanks to its years of experience and dedication to client happiness. Their team of experts guarantees that every step of the transportation process is done with the utmost care and attention to detail as they are aware of the special needs of luxury vehicle owners.

There are a number of transportation options available from Best Way Auto Transport, each specifically designed to meet individual client needs. Whether you need to ship a luxury SUV, a vintage beauty, or an expensive sports car, Best Way Auto Transport has the knowledge and resources to make the process easy and hassle-free. Best Way Auto Transport is the preferred option for enclosed auto transportation due to its sophisticated carriers, skilled drivers and excellent customer support.

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Ship a Car from Texas to California

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car from Texas to California

When buying or relocating a vehicle from a different state, one of the many crucial items to think about is the shipping charges. According to recent industry data, the average expenditure for relocating a standard-sized automobile across Texas to California spans from $800 and $1,900. We’ll examine the several aspects that affect these expenses in this blog.

From distance and transportation methods to additional services and seasonal variations, we’ll explore every aspect using real statistics and insights. Our objective is to offer you a thorough awareness of what to anticipate so that you can make wise choices for an affordable and trouble-free auto-shipping transaction.

Crossing State Lines: Deciphering the Expenses of Transporting Your Vehicle from Texas to California

·  Distance Matters

The distance between Texas and California is a significant factor influencing the shipping cost. The cost for transportation increases with distance. Significant towns like Houston, Texas, and Los Angeles, California, are typically separated by about 1,500 miles. Remember that mileage is a common basis for charges from car transportation providers when determining expenses.

·   Shipping Methods

There are basically two main ways to ship an automobile: enclosed transportation and open transport. Open transport is more common and generally less expensive, but it exposes your vehicle to the elements. Enclosed transport provides a higher level of protection, making it suitable for luxury or classic cars. The technique you select will have an impact on the total cost.

·    Seasonal Fluctuations

The time of year can significantly impact shipping costs. Summertime is one of the busiest shifting the seasons, when requests for transporting vehicles typically increases. Increased demand can lead to higher prices. If possible, consider scheduling your car shipment during off-peak seasons to secure a more favorable rate.

·   Vehicle Size and Weight

The dimensions and weight of your vehicle play a role in determining the cost. Larger or heavier vehicles take up more space on a carrier and may incur additional fees. Providing precise details about your car is necessary to obtain a reasonable cost.

·   Pick-up and Drop-off Locations

The location of the delivery and pickup can influence the cost. For example, the logistical challenges associated with transporting your car from an isolated spot in Texas to a more distant location in California could lead to increased shipping costs. Popular routes tend to have more carriers available, potentially reducing costs.

·    Additional Services

Car shipping companies offer various additional services that can impact the overall cost. These may be accelerated shipment, doorstep pickup, or the ability to track your car while it’s en route. Although these services can improve shipping knowledge, there are always extra expenses associated with them.

·   Insurance Coverage

The majority of trustworthy auto shipping firms insure your car while it’s in route. While basic insurance is typically included in the shipping cost, you may opt for additional coverage for added peace of mind. Be sure to inquire about insurance options and associated costs when obtaining quotes.

Selecting a reliable car shipping company is a critical decision that extends beyond mere cost considerations. To guide readers through this process, prioritize factors that ensure a trustworthy service.

Navigating the Road to Reliability: A Guide to Picking the Perfect Car Shipping Partner

·  Reputation Matters

Research the reputation of potential car shipping companies by exploring online reviews and testimonials. A company with a positive track record is more likely to provide a seamless and reliable experience.

·   Customer Reviews

Delve into customer reviews to gain insights into the first-hand experiences of others. Pay attention to feedback regarding communication, punctuality, and the overall condition of vehicles upon delivery. Genuine reviews can offer valuable perspectives that extend beyond the company’s marketing claims.

Check Our Best Way Trust pilot Reviews

·   Industry Certifications

Look for car shipping companies that hold industry certifications or memberships. Memberships in associations such as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) serve as a declaration of intent to follow industry standards and best practices. These accreditations show how committed a business is to competence and dependability.

·  Transparent Pricing and Contracts

Opt for a car shipping company that provides transparent pricing and clear contractual terms. Beware of hidden fees or ambiguous language in contracts. A reliable company will offer a straightforward breakdown of costs and ensure that all terms and conditions are communicated. This transparency not only builds trust but also helps avoid any unexpected financial surprises during or after the shipping process.

By prioritizing reputation, customer reviews, pricing, and industry certifications, readers can make informed decisions when choosing a car shipping company, ensuring their vehicle is in capable hands throughout the transportation process.

Final Note

In conclusion, the cost of shipping a car from Texas to California is influenced by a myriad of factors. By understanding these variables and obtaining quotes from multiple reputable car shipping companies, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your budget and preferences. Whether you’re relocating or purchasing a car from a different state, investing time in research and planning can ensure a smooth and cost-effective car shipping experience.

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Auto Shipping

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car From California To Florida? (2023 Guide)

Ship a  car must be one of your concerns if you’re relocating from California to Florida. It takes a lot of time and money to drive a car across the country, especially when you account for the cost of petrol, housing, and food.

Fortunately, a reputable auto transport business can ship your car. We’ll talk about how much it costs to send a car from California to Florida in this blog post and offer some advice on how to figure out shipping rates.

Shipping a Car from California to Florida: How Much Will It Cost?

Several variables can affect how much it will cost to ship an automobile from California to Florida. This category includes the distance between the two states, the type of vehicle being transported, the season, and the mode of transportation.

However, auto transport companies can transport a car from California to Florida for an average fee ranging from $800 to $1,300. Expect to spend more if your vehicle is a premium or high-end model that needs special handling.

Two Easy Ways That Can Help You Calculate Shipping Cost For Your Vehicle

Want to calculate shipping cost of your vehicle? Examine the listed methods.

1st Way – Determine the Vehicle Details

You’ll need to collect a few details about your move to determine shipping charges. The following elements will impact how much it will cost to ship your car:

·  Transport Method

For shipping a car, open and enclosed transport are the two primary options. The most popular and cost-effective method is open transportation. The trailer that will carry your car will be open and exposed to debris and outside elements. Enclosed transport costs more but provides better security, as your automobile will be moved in a closed trailer to keep it safe from elements, dust, and other dirt.

·  Distance

The cost of delivering your car depends heavily on distance. Cost increases as distance increases. Because it’s a long-distance move, transporting a car from California to Florida will cost more than a local move.

·   The Kind of Vehicle

The price of shipping will also depend on the dimensions and weight of your car. Trucks and SUVs are examples of larger, heavier vehicles that are more expensive to export since they need more fuel to move them.

·   Time of the Year

The cost of shipping your car can also vary depending on the season. Because so many people move during the summer, auto transport businesses experience their busiest season. Prices are consequently typically higher during this period. Prices may be cheaper in the winter as that is often the quietest season for auto transport businesses.

2nd Way – Use A Car Shipping Calculator

To calculate the cost of shipping your vehicle, using a car shipping cost calculator is another method. Many auto shipping companies’ websites offer these calculators, which provide an easy estimate based on the variables we have covered. Remember that these calculators only provide approximations, and the actual cost may vary depending on the particulars of your move.

Searching For Best Car Shipping Companies? 6 Tips That You Must Follow!

The following are the 6 easy ways to find the best car shipping companies on the internet.

  • Do Your Research – Do your homework before choosing a vehicle transport business. Check out the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Google, Yelp, and their reviews there. To gain a thorough image of the accomplishments of the company, be sure to read both favorable and negative evaluations.
  • Verify Insurance and Licensing – Make sure the business you select is insured and licensed. You can find the company’s license number and insurance details on the website of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).
  • Verify the Quotes – Obtain quotes from various auto transport businesses and evaluate them. Inquire about any additional costs or surcharges that the total may include.
  • Ask About the Mode of Transportation – Find out what kind of transportation the business employs. Ensure that it is the one that is most effective for both you and your vehicle.
  • Verify the Delivery Window – Verify if the business can handle your delivery deadline. While some businesses charge extra for expedited shipping, other businesses may need more time to deliver your car.
  • Seek Out Expertise – Pick a business with expertise in the auto transport sector. They will possess the information and skills necessary to handle any unforeseen circumstances that may arise during the shipping procedure.


Many people may find it handy to ship their cars from California to Florida, but it’s crucial to be aware of the associated fees. The distance, the mode of transportation, the season, and other variables all affect how much it costs to ship an automobile. We advise using a car shipping cost calculator and comparing quotations from different businesses to determine shipping costs.

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