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Comprehensive Guide on Choosing Enclosed Auto Shipment

Choosing the best shipping option is important when moving your valuable car. A premium option is provided by enclosed auto transport, especially for owners of expensive, vintage, or luxury cars. This guide provided by Best Way Auto Transport that explores the world of car transportation and highlights all its benefits. We’ll go over why this method is the safest choice and how to get affordable Enclosed car transport quotes for your specific needs. Together, we’ll advance the benefits and process of choosing connected transportation, ensuring your car travels as safely and conveniently as possible.

Understanding Enclosed Auto Transport Service

A premium shipping option has been created to ensure the best possible care and safety of the vehicles during their transit which is Enclosed Auto Shipment. Unlike traditional transportation options, this service involves moving cars in fully enclosed trailers, providing protection from outside hazards, weather and road debris. This is the recommended option when extra protection is necessary, such as when shipping expensive, vintage, or luxury cars.

Enclosed Auto Shipping is a commitment to maintaining your vehicle’s condition from collection to delivery, not just a method of transportation. Features like climate control, hydraulic liftgates for safe loading, and soft tie-downs to guarantee your vehicle stays in top condition are often included in this service.

Benefits of Choosing Enclosed Auto Transport

As enclosed auto transport has many advantages, it is the best option when shipping expensive cars. The better defense it offers against external factors is one of the main advantages. Your vehicle is protected from weather, road debris, and any potential damage that may occur during transportation when you choose enclosed car shipping. This is especially important for premium cars as dents and scratches greatly reduce their value.

Enclosed auto transport also provides a lot of privacy and privacy. Enclosed car shipping guarantees that your vehicle will be kept out of sight for the duration of the journey, unlike open air car shipping, when the vehicles are visible to the public. This extra degree of privacy is especially attractive to celebrities or car collectors who like to keep their vehicles under wraps.

How Best Way Auto Transport Ensures Safe and Secure Auto Transport?

Best Way Auto Transport cuts no corners when it comes to safe and secure vehicle transportation. They have a strict procedure to guarantee that your car is treated with the utmost care and attention to detail. From the time you hand over your automobile to Best Way Auto Transport until it reaches its destination, their team of experts work hard to make the transfer process smooth and hassle-free.

The transportation process is carefully planned and executed at every stage. Best Way Auto Transport adheres to strict measures to guarantee the safety and security of your vehicle throughout the process from initial inspection to loading and unloading process. They take every precaution to avoid any possible damage during the journey, and their drivers are expert and skilled in driving luxury automobiles.

How much does Enclosed Car Shipping Service Cost?

The cost of enclosed auto transport for cars varies according to several variables, such as distance traveled, car type and model, season, any unique requirements, and collection and delivery locations. Because enclosed automobile shipping offers additional security and special services, it is generally more expensive than open auto shipment.

For shorter routes, enclosed auto shipping costs can average $1.25 to $2.00 per mile. For longer distances. The cost per mile of car transportation is generally lower. For example, depending on the variables listed earlier. The cost of moving an Enclosed car 1,000 miles can range from $1,000 to $2,000. It is important to keep in mind that these are only approximate costs and actual costs may vary depending on the situation.

It is advisable to obtain quotations from multiple transport providers to get an accurate estimate of your specific Enclosed auto shipping needs. This will enable you to estimate the cost and decide which option best suits your needs and budget. To maintain openness and prevent unexpected costs, it’s also important to ask about any additional fees or charges that may apply.


Best Way Auto Transport is a prominent player in the enclosed vehicle transportation sector. Best Way Auto Transport offers reliable, safe, and efficient auto shipping services throughout the United States thanks to its years of experience and dedication to client happiness. Their team of experts guarantees that every step of the transportation process is done with the utmost care and attention to detail as they are aware of the special needs of luxury vehicle owners.

There are a number of transportation options available from Best Way Auto Transport, each specifically designed to meet individual client needs. Whether you need to ship a luxury SUV, a vintage beauty, or an expensive sports car, Best Way Auto Transport has the knowledge and resources to make the process easy and hassle-free. Best Way Auto Transport is the preferred option for enclosed auto transportation due to its sophisticated carriers, skilled drivers and excellent customer support.

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vehicle shipping

Basic Tips for a Hassle-Free Vehicle Shipping Experience

Moving your vehicle from one state to another can be an exhilarating but exciting. Whether you’re relocating to a new house, purchase a vehicle from any auctioneer, or simply looking for a change in vehicle, the most common way to ship your vehicle across state lines involves careful preparation and planning. A hassle-free vehicle transportation experience not only guarantees the safe and convenient appearance of your vehicle, but also limits the expected stress on the way.

In this guide, we will walk you through the basics that will help you navigate the intricacies of state-to-state vehicle transportation. From choosing the right transportation strategy to communicating with the delivery organization, every step plays an important role in guaranteeing a smooth ride for your beloved vehicle. Read the article further to transport your vehicle from point a to b.

Preparation and Research Before Shipping a Vehicle:

Before embarking on your state-to-state vehicle shipment task, careful research and a keen focus on speedy preparation can make a big difference in common sense. Consider the following key steps:

· Cost Comparison:

Vehicle delivery costs can vary based on a wide range of factors, for example, distance, vehicle type, and transportation method you have chosen. Get quotations from various auto shipping companies to think about the evaluation and benefits. However, be careful while understanding the claws

· Book in Advance:

Meetings at the latest possible moment may limit your choices and potentially lead to booking conflicts. Start planning your auto shipping in advance to ensure you get the dates you want for pickup and delivery. This is especially important during peak moving season when auto companies’ timetable can be out of date quickly.

· Compare Different Shipping Companies

Begin by searching for various auto transport company on the web and considering client reviews and evaluations. Seek input from those who have used these platforms before to check their comments of job done.

Confirm the business’s authorization and protection, despite the client’s tribute. A genuine vehicle shipment company should have basic licenses to operate across state lines, and they should include satisfactory protection to protect your vehicle during the journey.

Choose the Right Shipping Method:

Choosing the proper shipping method for transporting your vehicle from state to state is an important choice that can affect the health and condition of your vehicle during the journey. Understanding the choices available and considering the specific needs of your vehicle will help you make a wise decision.

· Consider Environmental Conditions and the Cost of the Vehicle:

Choosing between open and enclosed transport method should consider variables such as weather patterns during the trip and the value of your vehicle. If your vehicle is a classic, luxury, or a special edition, enclosed transport provides an extra layer of insurance and a sense of inner harmony. Additionally, assuming you’re delivering during seasons of unforgiving weather conditions, enclosed transport may be worth the extra expense to protect your vehicle from the elements.

· Discuss the advantages and disadvantages:

Thoroughly discuss the pros and cons of each approach in light of your specific circumstances with an auto shipping company, such as Best Way Auto Transport. They can give bits of knowledge in making the ideal decision for your vehicle type, spending plan, and concerns.

Prepare for Required Documents:

It is absolutely essential to ensure that you have all the necessary documents before handing over your vehicle from state to state. Legal documents guarantee a smooth cycle as well as protect your inclination through the transportation plan. The documents you may require are following:

· Vehicle Registration and Verification of Ownership:

Vehicle registration and proof of ownership is required. This includes the vehicle title, which shows that you are the rightful owner of the vehicle. Make sure the data on the reports matches the specifications of the vehicle you are transporting.

· Protection Data:

Give duplicate delivery of your vehicle protection data to the auto shipping company. In addition to the shipping company’s insurance coverage, your insurance may also come into play in case of unforeseen events during package transit. Double check with your insurance provider to determine the degree of coverage during transportation.

· Distinctive Evidence Reports:

Plan to make duplicates of your identifiable proof records, such as your driver’s license or identification. While handing over the vehicle and receiving it at the destination, these documents may be required for verification.

· Additional Documents:

Depending on the states you are passing through or the shipping company requirements, you may need additional documents. These may be state-specific paperwork, permits, or customs forms. It is important to research and understand the documents required for the specific company and route you are taking.


As you near the end of your state-to-state vehicle shipping task, it appears that intense preparation and informed choice have been your compass. The focus of this article is the determination of a solid vehicle supplier organization that has demonstrated its commitment to excellence. Best Way Auto Transport continues to be a leader in the auto transportation industry with impressive expertise and customer loyalty.

Best Way Auto Transport is a standout option that consistently adheres to these principles. Throughout this guide, we have reviewed the essential aspects that need to be considered for a successful car shipping experience. Their history of dependability, quality support, and direct correspondence highlight their dedication to guaranteeing the safe and smooth movement of your vehicle.

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traend to watch 2024

The Future of Auto Transport: Trends to Watch in 2024

Nearing 2024, the car transport segment is set to experience critical changes fueled by administrative changes, shopper inclinations, and innovation breakthroughs. Industry insights demonstrate that the worldwide showcase for electric vehicles is anticipated to develop at an evaluated fetched of $800 billion by 2024, underscoring the increasing speed of the jolt slant. At the same time, endeavors to digitize are gathering steam. By the conclusion of 2024, over 70% of coordination exercises are anticipated to utilize progressed computerized advances.

A few improvements are impacting long-term auto transportation, counting electrification—electric vehicle deals are anticipated to create up to 25% of all vehicle deals by 2024—digitalization, and administrative compliance. Let’s look at a few vital designs to keep an eye on within the upcoming year.

Driving Forward: Key Trends Reshaping Auto Transport in 2024:

1.  Electrification and Sustainable Transport:

One of the foremost noteworthy patterns balanced to reshape the auto transport industry in 2024 is the quickening move towards zap. With expanding accentuation on lessening carbon outflows and combating climate alter, electric vehicles (EVs) are picking up force universally.

For the auto transport division, this move deciphers into a developing request for specialized transport arrangements catering to EVs. From electric car carriers prepared with charging foundations to coordination arrangements optimized for battery transport, the industry is adjusting to back the multiplication of EVs. Additionally, as governments around the world actualize stricter outflow measures and incentivize EV appropriation, auto transport companies ought to contribute to economical transport arrangements, counting electric armadas and renewable energy-powered coordination operations.

2. Autonomous and Connected Vehicles:

The integration of independent and associated vehicle innovations proceeds to rethink the auto transport scene. In 2024, ready to anticipate assist progressions in independent vehicle (AV) advances, clearing the way for expanded computerization in transport operations.

From self-driving trucks optimizing long-haul courses to associated vehicle frameworks improving coordination effectiveness and security, AV advances offer transformative conceivable outcomes for the auto transport industry. Whereas full independence may still be on the skyline, incremental progressions in driver-assist innovations, platooning, and inaccessible observing will shape the industry’s future.

Besides, the merging of AV and associated vehicle advances will empower real-time information trade, encouraging prescient upkeep, course optimization, and upgraded armada administration capabilities. As these advances develop, they will play an essential part in driving productivity, security, and supportability in the auto transport environment.

3. Digitalization and Logistics Optimization:

In a progressively interconnected world, digitalization is developing as a foundation of present-day auto transport operations. In 2024, able to expect a broader selection of advanced innovations, including blockchain, manufactured insights (AI), and the Web of Things (IoT), to streamline coordination forms and upgrade supply chain permeability.

From computerized course arranging and real-time following to advanced documentation and keen contract administration, digitalization offers plenty of openings to optimize auto transport operations. By leveraging AI-driven analytics, companies can pick up noteworthy experiences in armada execution, client behavior, and advertise patterns, empowering data-driven decision-making, and key arranging.

4. Consumer-Centric Solutions:

As shopper inclinations advance, auto transport companies must adjust to meet changing requests and desires. In 2024, we anticipate a more noteworthy accentuation on consumer-centric arrangements custom-made to improve comfort, adaptability, and straightforwardness.

From adaptable conveyance alternatives and real-time following capabilities to personalized administrations and sustainable transport arrangements, companies must prioritize client involvement to distinguish themselves in a competitive showcase scene. By leveraging advanced advances and data-driven bits of knowledge, auto transport companies can tailor their offerings to adjust to shopper inclinations, driving dependability and cultivating long-term connections.

5. Infrastructure Development for EVs:

The surge in electric vehicle (EV) appropriation requires critical speculations in foundation advancement to bolster far-reaching charging capabilities and encourage consistent auto transport operations. In 2024, able to expect quickened endeavors to grow EV charging systems, especially along key transportation routes and logistics center points.

Auto transport companies will have to collaborate with policymakers, vitality suppliers, and foundation designers to set up strong charging foundation arrangements custom-made to meet the special prerequisites of EV transport. By contributing to vital framework activities, partners can alleviate run uneasiness, minimize downtime, and optimize armada productivity, cultivating a conducive environment for the proceeded development and appropriation of electric vehicles within the auto transport division.

Final Note:

In 2024, stakeholders in the vehicle transport industry will have to traverse a fast-evolving landscape marked by electrification, digitization, autonomous technologies, infrastructure development, and regulatory compliance. Best Way Auto Transport LLC, with its unrivaled customer-centric solutions and innovative techniques, is a beacon of innovation and dependability in the rapidly changing auto transport landscape of 2024.

Through the adoption of these patterns, emphasis on customer-focused solutions, and promotion of cooperation throughout the ecosystem, involved parties can leverage new prospects, reduce hazards, and mold an eco-friendly, effective, and robust future for the vehicle transportation sector. In the auto transport industry in 2024 and beyond, creativity, adaptability, and strategic vision will continue to be critical success factors as you handle the challenges and possibilities that lie ahead.

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5 top reasons why auto shipments are delayed

Car shipping is a crucial component of the automotive sector since they enable companies to transfer vehicles all over the nation and even the globe. Whether it’s for dealership transfers, fleet management, or personal car travel, prompt delivery is crucial. However, despite the finest preparation and execution, delays in auto shipments sometimes occur, generating frustration and additional costs.

Auto shipments may be delayed for several reasons, including inclement weather, mechanical problems, and others. Understanding these possible problems and learning how to reduce them is crucial for anyone wishing to transfer a vehicle, whether they are a business owner or an individual. In this blog post, we’ll examine the top 5 causes of auto shipment delays giving you a thorough understanding of the variables that can affect timely delivery. So, continue reading this post!

Five Critical Rationales That Lead To Auto Shipments Delays

· Weather Conditions

Weather conditions can have a significant impact on the transportation of vehicles, leading to delays in auto shipments. Severe weather can make transportation complicated and risky, making it impossible for carriers to deliver automobiles safely and on time. Examples of such weather conditions include heavy rain, snow, ice, and hurricanes.

For instance, in the event of a winter storm, carriers would be forced to slow down or take longer detours to avoid potentially dangerous road conditions, which would prolong delivery timeframes. Similarly, carriers may need to change their routes or cease operations during storms or other extreme weather conditions, which will cause the delivery to be significantly delayed.

· Mechanical Difficulties

Significant delays in auto shipments might also result from mechanical problems with the transport vehicles. These difficulties can include mechanical faults such as flat tires, engine issues, transmission issues, and others. When a car breaks down while driving, it can need to be towed, fixed, or replaced, adding time and money to the process.

· Carrier Availability

Another frequent factor in auto shipment delays is carrier availability. Carriers might not be able to pick up or deliver the vehicle on schedule if they’re already fully booked or have limited availability, which would cause delays. When there is a large demand for auto-shipments during peak seasons, this can occur because carriers may be overbooked or overworked.

· Incorrect Shipment Information

Shipment bottlenecks can also be caused by incorrect delivery information, such as erroneous addresses or contact details. The cargo will be delayed until the right information is given if the carrier cannot find the customer or the delivery address. Similar to this, incomplete or inaccurate information regarding the vehicle, such as its size or brand and model, may cause delays in shipping.

· Border and Customs Control Problems

Customs and border control concerns can lead to severe delays for international auto exports. Delays in inspections, delays in customs clearance, and other regulatory challenges that call for more paperwork or documentation are a few examples of these problems. Delivery timeframes may be delayed as a result of delays in these processes.


For both companies and individuals, delays in auto shipments may be a major source of irritation and annoyance. But, by being aware of the top 5 causes of auto shipment delays, you may take proactive steps to reduce the risks and guarantee the prompt arrival of your vehicles.

We’ve talked about how factors like bad weather, carrier availability, mechanical problems, inaccurate shipping information, and difficulties with customs and border controls can all cause delays in auto shipments. You can minimize delays and guarantee that your vehicles arrive on schedule and in good condition by identifying potential hazards and dealing with the best auto transport company carriers who can tackle these difficulties.

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Arizona Super Show

Revving up for the Arizona Super Show 2023 : The Ultimate Auto Event of the Year

Car lovers, take note! Prepare to rev your engines and fly to the “Arizona Super Show 2023”. The year’s biggest auto show! This yearly event features some of the coolest and most thrilling cars in the world, making it a must-attend occasion for anybody who enjoys automobiles.

Similar to the Chicago auto show and New York Auto Show, the Arizona Super Show caters to all types of auto enthusiasts with its wide selection of automobiles, trucks, and motorbikes. Which ranges from antique and vintage cars to the newest models and custom creations. Yet, the automobiles aren’t the only focus of the Arizona Super Show. It’s a full-fledged celebration of everything automotive, with live music, shows, food and beverage exhibitors, and a range of contests and giveaways.

Arizona Super Show 2023: What Date to Expect?

The Arizona Super Show is scheduled to take place on Saturday, April 29, 2023, at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, but it will start at 12:00 PM.

The event will display premier custom and vintage automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, pedal cars, and special interest manufacturers from the western United States and beyond. The auto exhibition will feature stunning exteriors, plush interiors, and unique modifications that use cars to represent American culture. It will also spotlight both American classics and customizations. So, what are you waiting for? Witness the world’s best Arizona auto show this year and get your desired vehicle delivered to your homes via booking a shipment at the best Auto Transport Company!

Important Information Regarding Tickets for the Arizona Super Show

  • The general ticket price for 1 person before fees is $47 in GA Area. While the price with fees is $59.
  • Ages 2 to 12 MUST have a ticket.
  • Children’s tickets are only available at the box office for purchase. At the time of purchase, children must be present.
  • Small ones under 2 are free.
  • You can buy tickets in person on the day of the show or in advance online.
  • It’s recommended to purchase tickets in advance to avoid long lines and ensure entry, as the event can sell out.

Address of the Arizona Super Show

The “Arizona Super Show” will take place at the State Farm Stadium, located at 1 Cardinals Drive, Glendale, AZ 85305.

Maximizing Your Arizona Super Show Experience: 4 Essential Tips!

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Make sure to dress comfortably because the event may require a lot of standing and walking just like the New York auto show or Chicago one. Furthermore, because the event will be outdoors, check the weather forecast and dress accordingly.

Hydrate Yourself

Drinking lots of water will help you keep hydrated throughout the event because Arizona may become rather hot. One unopened bottle of water per person may be brought into the venue, or you may buy beverages from the vendors.

Show Up Early

Consider getting to the event earlier to avoid crowds and long waits. You’ll have more time to explore and take in the spectacle as a result. Also, if you want your car to be there so that you can enjoy the entire show in your personal car then book a service at the vehicle shipping company and get your automobile shipped!

Follow the Guidelines

Make sure you abide by the event’s laws and regulations, including any limitations on bringing in outside food and beverages, smoking, and taking pictures.

Foodie’s Paradise: What to Expect at the Arizona Super Show!

Can I buy food and beverages during the Arizona Super Show 2023?

Absolutely, food and beverages will be available for purchase at the Arizona Super Show in 2023. The event generally has a vast selection of food vendors and stalls where guests can choose from a variety of snacks, lunches, desserts, and beverages.

Will there be any discounts or offers on food and drink at the Arizona Super Show?

Depending on the individual food vendor, the Arizona Super Show may have promotions or discounts available. It’s always a good idea to ask specific suppliers if they are running specials or discounts. In addition, the event might provide VIP ticket holders with exclusive bargains or packages that include food and drink options.

Can I bring my own food and drinks to the Arizona Super Show?

The Arizona Super Show normally does not allow visitors to bring outside food and beverages due to the abundance of on-site food vendors and exhibitors. However, visitors can bring in infant food or special dietary products that are medically required, as well as one unopened bottle of water per person.

Test Drive Options Available At “The Arizona Super Show”

Arizona Super Show spectators can normally anticipate seeing several automobiles available for test drives, including, though the precise vehicles available for test drives may vary.

  • Cars – Test drives may be provided for a range of makes and models, from affordable cars to expensive ones. Also, if you find your dream car at the show you can get a car shipping cost calculator and its price range then and there!
  • Trucks – Participants might get the chance to take a test drive in several trucks, including pickup and heavy-duty trucks.
  • SUVs – Guests may be able to test drive a variety of SUV types because they are a popular vehicle type.
  • Electric and Hybrid Vehicles – Attendees may get the chance to test drive electric and hybrid automobiles as they grow in popularity and see the newest in environmentally friendly automotive technology.

It’s important to remember that test drives might only be available on a limited scale. So, guests might need to sign up in advance to guarantee a position. In addition, test drives might be subject to age and/or license restrictions.


For both automotive lovers and casual guests, the Arizona Super Show 2023 promises to be a memorable event. There is something for everyone at this event, including amazing custom cars, electrifying live performances, and interesting activities. Attendees can maximize their experience at the Arizona Super Show by sticking to the attending advice, such as coming early, making plans ahead of time, and drinking plenty of water.

If you love cars or are just looking for a fun day out, don’t miss the Greatest Car Event of the Year. Get revved up for a once-in-a-lifetime encounter!

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Car Shipping Cost Calculator

Car Shipping Cost Calculator: How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car?

Whether you’re moving 500 or 2,000 miles, you may want to consider shipping your vehicle to your new home instead of putting miles on it. Moving is already expensive, so you’re not alone if you’re wondering how much more you’ll need to budget to ship your car through a shipping company.

Many reputable auto transport companies have the option available on their website to get instant Quote via a free car shipping cost calculator. It’s a good idea to get multiple bids so you can compare the services you’ll be paying for, and you can always try to negotiate a cheaper price with a company that wants your business.

What is a Car Shipping Cost Calculator?

The car shipping cost calculator is a tool found on the websites of various auto transport companies that enables consumers to easily obtain car shipment estimates. Some car shipping cost calculator provide customers with quick quotes, while others collect information that is sent to shipper’s agents. Once the salesperson compiles the customer’s information, they usually provide a car delivery estimate within minutes.

Average Cost of Auto Transport

The average cost of transporting a vehicle is $1,108. It has been observed that it costs between $510 and $1,580 to transport a vehicle a few hundred miles on an open carrier, while it costs about $1,580 to transport a vehicle across the country via the enclosed carrier method.

Average Car Shipping Costs by Shipment Mode

Since open transport carriers are the cheapest way to ship a vehicle, most people use them. The average cost of an open shipment is $1,108, or about $385 less than a closed shipment.

Average Costs of Auto Transport by Distance

Generally, the further your vehicle moves, the higher the shipping costs. The average cost of transporting a vehicle less than 500 miles is about $680, while a cross-country trip costs about $1,400.

Average Auto Transport Prices by Vehicle Size

The size of your vehicle affects the cost of its delivery. Heavy-sized vehicles require more space on a transport truck, and their weight affects the carrier’s fuel economy. Both affect the estimated cost of the car shipping cost calculator along with the final price.

For example, a less-weighted vehicles like the Kia Sportage, Honda CR-V, and Ford Escape are much less expensive to ship than heavy equipment like the Chevrolet Silverado, Ford F-150, and Ram 1500.

Factors that Affect Cost Other than those Mentioned in the Car Shipping Cost Calculator

The estimates you receive from the car shipping cost calculator may vary for a variety of reasons. Several factors affect the cost of auto transport:


Whether you are traveling a long distance or shipping your vehicle less than 500 miles, vehicle shipping company in US charge by the mile. For longer distances, you’ll get a lower rate per mile, but the overall cost will be higher.

Locations for Pick-up and Drop-off

Door-to-door shipment will be more expensive than terminal-to-terminal shipping.

Seasonal Time:

In the auto transport business, demand often increases during summer and January, which drives up costs.

Mode of Vehicle Transport:

Enclosed shipping offers your vehicle more security during transit, but at a higher cost than open transport. In general, an enclosed car carrier is the best option for transporting premium and historic vehicles.

Type of Automobile:

Trucks and recreational vehicles are more expensive than sedans.

Vehicle Condition:

Transporting disabled vehicles is more expensive than transporting operational vehicles because they demand more resources to transport.

Fuel cost:

High fuel costs often result in higher auto transport costs. Aspects that affect the cost of auto transport.

The Requirement to Get an Instant Car Shipping Cost Calculator

Follow these steps to get an instant quote from the car shipping calculator:

Ensure that you have all pertinent information available so that we can provide you with the most accurate car shipment quotation possible. The subsequent will be necessary:

  • States, county, and zip codes for the pickup and destination locations
  • Model, year, and kind of vehicle
  • Operating circumstance
  • Transport mode: Open or Enclosed
  • Pickup and delivery date

Tips to Keep in Mind Once your Vehicle is Delivered

Before accepting your vehicle from any auto transport company, you should do a thorough inspection.

  • Check every component of your vehicle. Check for recent dents, scratches, or chips in the paint.
  • Check the windshield, door handles, glass, and exterior mirrors for damage.
  • Also, inspect the undercarriage and tires.
  • Test the functionality of the locks by opening and closing all doors and windows.
  • Drive your vehicle back and forth to verify that it continues to move.
  • Submit a claim (if needed)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to transport a car?

Transportation costs about $1,108 per vehicle. The cost to ship a car ranges from about $500 to over $1,600 to move a vehicle a few hundred miles on an open carrier or enclosed carrier, respectively.

2. What is the average cost per mile to transport a car?

The average cost per mile of transporting a vehicle is about $1.17. However, vehicle shipping costs vary significantly based on variables such as vehicle size, distance, route, and time of year. Always try to get at least 3 cost estimations to select the best one.

3. What is the typical cost of shipping a vehicle by an open carrier?

The average cost to ship a vehicle on an open carrier is $1,108. A package across the country costs about $1,500, while a trip of fewer than 500 miles costs about $500.

4.Where can I find a car shipping cost calculator for auto transport?

Almost every car shipment website has a car shipping cost calculator, you may find it on the website header. After entering the correct information about the vehicle such as the model of your vehicle, weight and manufacturing year as well as its pickup and delivery locations, the car shipping calculator will generate an estimate for your shipment.

Move your vehicle with Best Way Auto Transport LLC

As the top-rated auto transport company, Best Way Auto Transport LLC aims to provide every customer with a luxurious car shipping experience. Get started with a free instant quote on shipping your vehicle, or call (917) 781-2300 to speak with a vehicle shipping consultant.

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