5 Reasons why Auto Shipment Get Delay?

5 Reasons why Auto Shipment Get Delay?

Because people need to travel to different locations across the country, auto shipping in the US takes place year-round. The problem of shipment delays exists regardless of the country of origin. Due to the delay of auto shippers, auto owners suffer a lot. There are a wide range of possible causes. This post will look at the main causes of auto shipper delays and what you can do to prevent them.

Five Reasons for Auto Shipment Delays

Choosing a wrong transportation service provider can be the main cause of delay. Even if you make the best decisions, there’s a chance that unforeseen circumstances will cause your auto delivery to be delayed. Let’s examine five of the most common reasons for this.

1: Excessive Traffic

No matter how carefully maintained the state’s traffic infrastructure is on the roads leading from your starting point to your destination, traffic jams can occasionally happen out of the blue. This includes not only normal traffic disruptions but also unique traffic events such as other car accidents on the route, roads that are under construction, etc. Events such as building or tree fires near the route your car carrier is using can also be a significant source of traffic and delays.

2: Port Congestion

Port congestion is a regular occurrence when cars are shipped overseas. It is undeniable that it takes a lot of time to unload large ships at the port. In addition, additional work is required to perform the task safely. In addition, there may be other reasons such as river flooding, bad weather, delayed departures, and blockage of ships in canals. Every transporter that goes there goes through a number of procedures, and after your vehicle is cleared, it is prepared for delivery. Sometimes the process here takes a lot of time due to ship closures. This may result in a delay in the delivery of your car.

3: Weather Conditions

Unexpectedly bad weather conditions can have a significant impact on how long it takes to ship your car. The most frequent adverse weather conditions that slow down the process include storms, rain and snow. Fast delivery can also be hampered by the lingering effects of erratic weather such as wet roads from snow and rain. Drivers of your vehicle carrier must slowdown in foggy conditions to avoid collisions.

4: Carrier Breakdown

There’s a chance that the carrier vehicle—usually a truck carrying your car—will break down and cause an accident. Well, it depends on how sustainable the shipping company’s career is. This is unusual in well-known, long-established businesses. But if you choose a low-cost shipping company, luck may not be on your side. Additionally, if the vehicle breaks down, especially when towing an open trailer, your vehicle is at risk of damage.

5: Time Consuming in Inspection at Weigh Stations

Department of Transportation carrier vehicles are required by law to be inspected at a weigh station. A carrier typically passes through multiple weigh stations throughout its journey. Each weigh station is required to check its logs for security and general safety during transit. There are various factors that can lead to delays at the weigh station. Initially, a carrier’s 11-hour shift is cut short if they have to spend more time than expected at the weigh station. Hence the entire sequence of subsequent pickups and deliveries is affected by the delay here.

Second, it may take some time for drivers to complete and exchange their electronic cards at each station. Additionally, if the carrier is found to be in non-compliance during the inspection, they will not be allowed to proceed, which may delay shipping.

Third, some drivers spend all their time at weigh stations doing nothing. They will be there for a total of three hours, assuming that the inspection and departure process takes only one hour. This only extends the carrier chain’s 11-hour duty period.

Last Wording

The above-mentioned factors can be seen as broad causes that can arise inadvertently. On the other hand, some auto shipment companies deliberately delay deliveries. At Best Way Auto Transport, we have years of experience dealing with cancellations and delays in use. These are uncommon in our organization, though, and we always work to prevent them from occurring. Nevertheless, if it exists, our main goal is to meet the needs of our clients in such situations, and we identify their solutions accordingly.

We hope this post has been helpful to you, as you have come this far. Given that you are here, we can assume that you are looking for an auto transport service provider. If you are, get a free quote from Best Way Auto Transport. We offer affordable automobile shipping consulting services to all 50 designated US states and territories while maintaining a high standard of service.