The Ultimate Guide to Enclosed Auto Transport

What is Enclosed Auto Transport?:

Benefits of Enclosed Auto Transport:

1. Maximum Protection:

The biggest known and probably the most obvious benefit of enclosed auto transport is that cars are well-shielded. Your vehicle is sealed in a trailer to protect it from rain, snow, strong wind, sunlight, and other abrasive contents on the road. This is even more so when it comes to luxury, antique, and other unique automobiles which should be protected from careless damage.

2. Enhanced Security:

3. Reduced Risk of Damage:

4. Climate Control Options:

5. Personalized Handling:

When to Choose Enclosed Auto Transport:

1. Shipping Luxury or Exotic Cars:

2. Transporting Classic or Vintage Vehicles:

3. Relocating High-Value Vehicles:

For high-value vehicles, the extra cost of enclosed transport is justified by the peace of mind it offers. Knowing that your investment is well-protected during transit is worth the additional expense.

4. Long-Distance or Cross-Country Moves:

How Enclosed Auto Transport Works:

1. Booking the Service:

2. Preparing Your Vehicle:

3. Vehicle Pickup:

4. In-Transit Monitoring:

5. Delivery and Inspection:


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