A Comprehensive Guide to Open and Enclosed Auto Transport

Open and enclosed auto transport are the two main categories. Since open travel is typically more economical than enclosed transport, it is the most prevalent and well-liked choice. Although it costs more, enclosed transport provides your car with a higher level of protection. Which mode of transport suits you best? Let’s take a closer look at these two vehicle transportation options so you can make a decision.

Open vs. Enclosed auto transport

Let’s first examine what distinguishes enclosed auto shipping from its alternative, open-car shipping. The ability (or lack thereof) of these two forms of automobile transportation to safeguard the vehicles they convey during transit is their key distinction. Cars are less protected by open carriers since they are more vulnerable to the elements and dangers like road debris.

What is an open vehicle transportation?

Auto shipping that takes place in an open-air trailer is known as “open auto transport.” Open vehicle transport, as opposed to enclosed auto transport, is subject to weather conditions such as rain, snow, wind, and dirt. The most common choice for auto transporters, open auto transport is frequently the most economical method of moving vehicles. A truck driver picks up the vehicle at the origin and originates to the destination to complete open auto transport. Usually, the car is loaded onto an open trailer by the driver, who then drives the vehicle to the destination

Why utilize open vehicle transportation?

Open car freight is the most popular kind of automobile shipment. The most economical, effective, and practical way to move a car is with this approach. Several advantages of open auto transport include:

  • Generally speaking, open auto transport is less expensive than enclosed. This is so that more vehicles may be transported at once and because covered car transportation uses more gasoline than open transport trucks.
  • availability: The most typical method of transporting vehicles is open car transport. When looking for an automobile shipping firm, you’ll have a lot of options to select from since the majority of them provide open transport services.
  • Speed: Due to the availability of more trucks and fewer stops along the route, open auto transport is typically quicker than enclosed car transport. This implies that you’ll drive your car farther and faster.

Enclosed auto transport – what is it?

The common open vehicle carrier on the highway is recognized by the majority of people. These are the vehicles that can carry up to 10 cars and are all outside in the elements. However, the enclosed vehicle carrier is a different kind of car carrier that is gaining popularity. Just as they seem, enclosed car carriers are completely enclosed spaces where your car is transported. This indicates that the elements are kept out of your car.

An enclosed carrier is the best option if you want to transfer your car safely. They do, however, have a few restrictions. They cost more than open carriers, to start with. Additionally, you’ll need to locate a carrier to deliver your car on the designated day. However, if you can afford it, shipping an automobile will be more expensive and take more work.

Why carry cars enclosed?

There is no better method than enclosed auto transport for moving your automobile or truck from one location to another safely and securely. Although using this method could be more expensive than using an open transport service, it will be well worth the money because you can keep your car secure while it is being transported.

  • Security: In order to fit all vehicles, the enclosed trailers are additionally fitted with lifts, straps, and mechanical tie-downs. These truck drivers are also highly skilled specialists who are familiar with the proper car transport security measures. They will take the essential safety measures to guarantee that your car is safe while traveling.
  • Greater peace of mind knowing you have greater financial protection in the event that something goes wrong with your vehicle while it is being transported. The finest choice may be an enclosed auto transporter if you’re seeking dependable and secure auto shipping services.
  • Faster delivery: Enclosed auto shipping frequently offers faster delivery than open auto transport. This is due to the fact that fewer cars are loaded into enclosed trailers, which makes it simpler for shipping companies to fill the space without having to wait for additional vehicles to join the load.


Maybe you now have a clearer understanding of the differences between enclosed and open auto transport. With this information at your disposal, you may choose the ideal setup for your transit requirements Like, Crowley Auto Transport Finding what suits you best and figuring out which supplier offers the greatest value and durability for your money are usually the only remaining steps since there are usually a variety of options available. Whichever route you take, perhaps this information has aided your search.

Open and Enclosed Auto Transport