Auto Transport Companies to Avoid: How to Identify Them

A person’s car is one of their favorite and most valuable possessions, so we always tend to make all car-related decisions carefully because we only want the best for our cars. For example, choosing a new paint color or technician may take weeks to consider.

The challenge and stress are greatest when it comes to making important decisions, such as entrusting someone to ship your car long-distance. Choosing the ideal business to work for can be difficult as there are so many possibilities and a crowded market. So, we have compiled the top features of auto transport companies to avoid making the choice more manageable.

What Type of Auto Transport Companies to Avoid and on What Basis?


1. Realistic Pricing Quotes

Many auto transport businesses cheat customers by providing inflated prices for car delivery, whether they are expensive or cheap. For example, some of the top corporations in the industry by invoking their well-known brands and arguing that high-quality service is valuable.

However, this is wrong—a reliable service is reasonable and affordable, not overpriced. On the other hand, to attract new customers and make a name for themselves in the market, new businesses often provide very good to true quotes. Do ask cost to ship a car from at least 3 different auto transport companies to make sure you are on the right track.

2. Accurate Delivery Time

Auto transport is affected by a variety of variables, including weather, traffic, and unforeseen events. Therefore, no matter how experienced the vehicle dispatch firm is, it is quite difficult to predict the exact drop-off time. Instead, a reliable auto transport business will provide a time window or let you know that there are occasional unexpected delays.

3. New Entry into the Market

Another auto shipping company to avoid is one with little or no expertise as it may not be reliable. A new auto transport business may employ inexperienced drivers who lack the necessary knowledge to manage an unpredictable or difficult transit process.

How to Select the Best Auto Transport Company?

Following are a few steps to ensure while listing the auto transport companies to avoid.

1. Verify the Company Reviews

Before entering any information to ship an automobile, check reviews and ratings. Even the top auto transport services don’t always have ideal ratings. If the reviews are negative, don’t waste your time getting a high estimate to transport your vehicle. Reviews are important in this business. This is due to the fact that apart from the basic consumer protection legislation that is already in place, it is the only means of self-defense.

You can immediately ask the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the Federal Motor Safety Carrier Administration (FMCSA) if there is a complaint.

2. Alert Yourself on Quick Scheduling

Everyone wants instant results. However, reliable organizations can take their time when you send them your car. Although it doesn’t happen often, a car carrier may be hunting that last automobile nearby at the time your car pulls up. There are many variables, including the number of trucks in the area, seasonality, and others. See how long it takes to get more details. Avoid using this firm as it may be a scam.

If they claim a driver, make sure they provide the car shipping company’s phone number. Ask them if they are giving you everything the auto broker promised. Like delivery schedules and door-to-door shipping.

3. Avoid Companies that Deny the Carrier Access while your Vehicle is Being Transported

You must be able to communicate openly with the automobile carrier’s driver throughout the shipment process. There should be no problem talking to them if the car is being picked up and the carrier is already on the way. If you can’t get this, then this is probably a scam auto transport business that you should stay away from because it is fake.

4. Go Through their Websites Thoroughly

Avoid websites that are simple, poorly designed, or have a generic look. Websites are created by experts. There should be few or no typos in grammar throughout the website. The website should also include a statement of Transit’s operation and a privacy policy. Verifiable credentials must be entered. Answers to your questions. Unlike the “stock” photos on other websites, most of the photos are real.

Final Takeaway

If you need to haul a car, only work with trusted, long-established car shipping companies. Must have a history of providing a high level of customer service. If you do your research in advance, you can still get great prices from reputable businesses. Hope this article will help you in auto transport companies to avoid and choose the best for your interest.

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Auto Transport Companies to Avoid