Boston Marathon 2023 (History & Guide)

The Boston Marathon was first run in 1897, making it the world’s oldest-held annual marathon. Additionally, it is one of the most popular road races on the world calendar. The Boston Marathon 2023 race is considered a once-in-a-lifetime experience for elite marathon runners and regular athletes around the world.

Every year on the third Monday in April, runners from around the world compete in the famous Boston Marathon. The marathon has been held in Boston for more than a century and is the most-watched sporting event in New England. Even if you’re not one of the 30,000 confirmed runners signed up for the event in 2023, certainly watching the runners is an amazing experience.

What is the Date for Boston Marathon?

On April 17, 2023, the Boston Athletic Association will host the 127th edition of the Boston Marathon. It usually takes place on Patriots’ Day, which is the third Monday in April.

Route for Boston Marathon

The 26-mile, 385-yard race continues in the village of Hopkinton, southwest of Boston.

The Boston Marathon finishes in Copley Square, close to downtown in the Back-Bay District, directly across from the Boston Public Library and the Old South Church.

Does the Boston Marathon have hills or is it flat?

The Boston Marathon is notoriously difficult because it is not as flat as many other major marathons. There are some uneventful hills along the way, most notably the infamous Heartbreak Hill just after mile 20, and the start line is higher than the finish line.

Visit the Expo in Boston

The Boston Marathon Expo, hosted at the John B. Hines Convention Center Friday through Sunday before race day, is open to both runners and the general public. Here, participants can pick up their official race numbers and fill out race supplies.

Fanfest, which falls on Expo weekend, is a recent addition to the marathon weekend schedule. Visit Copley Square near the finish line during expo hours for live music performances and notable guest speakers including Boston Marathon champion Meb Keflezighi.

Eating Arrangements for Runners

The majority of runners are aware that energy from carbohydrates enhances their performance, but effective carb loading simply involves visiting an unlimited pizza buffet. Runners try to eat a balanced diet in the days leading up to a race that includes high-carbohydrate foods like white rice, potatoes, and bread.

How to reach a Marathon?

If you want to see the Boston Marathon up close to the finish line, don’t try to drive into the city. There will be numerous road closures, heavy traffic, and difficult parking. Think again if you believe you can drive into town and park your way through the marathon course. On Monday, Boston’s Patriot Day Parade will also begin at City Hall Plaza. As a result, several roads in this area of the city will also be blocked.

The only sensible option is to use public transit on the Boston subway, but you have to prepare carefully. What is the good news? Almost the entire marathon route is accessible by the MBTA. The Framingham/Worcester line of the commuter line has several stops within a half-mile of the course, while Branch C of the T’s Green Line runs mostly parallel to the race.

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Some Handful Advice for Visitors at Boston Marathon

  • If you want to be anywhere near the finish line, take the T or walk.
  • Due to their proximity to the finish line, the Copley and Arlington T stations are closed on the day of the Boston Marathon. Choose a different station instead.
  • To watch the race, if you’re on the T, get off at the station next to Boylston Street. Boylston Street will not be open for crossings, and the underpasses will be congested, so choose your station wisely.
  • Don’t drive in Boston the Monday after the marathon. Roads are closed or congested. If you want to find a spot in a T parking lot, move very early. They fill up faster than you might expect.
  • The weekend before the Boston Marathon, hotels in the city are completely sold out, and prices are higher than usual. Book your hotel in Boston as early as possible to get the best price. Here are some recommendations for hotels near the marathon, including ones where you can watch the race from your accommodation.


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Boston Marathon 2023