Car Shipment Guide from Chicago to Los Angeles

Car Shipment Guide from Chicago to Los Angeles

With our auto shipping services, you can get from Chicago to Los Angeles and back with unparalleled convenience and efficiency. Our staff of knowledgeable auto shippers are ready to help schedule your vehicle delivery whenever it’s most convenient for you. They are fully insured, licensed and experienced.

Whether it’s a daily driver or a beloved classic, we handle each vehicle with the utmost respect and care to ensure it receives the care it needs. We provide flexible and competitive pricing. It is designed to meet the varied demands of our clients, who value timely, safe and reliable delivery.

A wide variety of autos can be shipped to both Los Angeles and Chicago, which are popular destinations. We understand that to transport your automobile such a long distance you need to trust a provider that will honor your financial commitment.

Navigating the complexity of vehicle delivery can be difficult, especially given the wide range of solutions available. Choosing a supplier with a reputation for reliability and successful results is essential to avoid unnecessary delays that are common in this cut-throat industry.

At Best Way Auto Transport, we expand our national expertise by providing first-class auto transport services from Chicago to Los Angeles and vice versa. You can trust us to handle your car shipping with care and expertise.

What is the duration required for shipping a car from Chicago to Los Angeles?

Processing time is an important consideration when shipping an automobile from Chicago to Los Angeles. Knowing the time limits will enable you to organize your car delivery more efficiently. As with auto shipping costs, a number of factors affect how long it takes to ship a car.

Locations for pickup and delivery: If you want pickup or delivery, the carrier may need more time to reach a remote area. Locating locations along metropolitan areas and major highways or interstates is easier and faster.

Weather conditions: Weather can affect traffic flow, especially if it is severe or unusual. Drivers should also take extra care and slow down when there is heavy rain or snow on the roads.

Problems on the highway: Obstructions including construction, excessive traffic, and detours impede the carrier’s progress.

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What is an Estimated Cost to Ship a Car from Chicago to Los Angeles?

Several variables affect the cost of shipping an vehicle from Chicago to Los Angeles, including:

·  Distance

This is an important factor to consider. Average cost per mile decreases with increasing distance between pickup and delivery locations. Over two thousand miles from Los Angeles to Chicago, and depending on a number of conditions, open car shipping should cost $1,099, and enclosed car travel $1,539.

·  Vehicle size

The size of the car you want to ship is another important consideration when determining the price.

Vehicles that are smaller in size, such as the Honda Civic or Acura Integra, require less space than larger cars, such as the Audi A7 or BMW i7. Therefore, the delivery of a small car is less expensive.

·  Condition of the vehicle

Shipping a passive car is more expensive because loading and unloading it is a more difficult procedure that requires special equipment.

·   Transport related services

Enclosed auto shipment is 30-40% more expensive than open car shipping, as we have already discussed.

·   Gas prices

The price of fuel can have a significant impact on the cost of automobile transportation from Chicago to Los Angeles, but it’s one of the factors on the list that you have little control over.

We’ve added a helpful car shipping quote calculator to our website so you can learn more about our costs.

Important Information Regarding Transit & Time While Shipping Car from Chicago to Los Angeles

An important route for the auto transport business, the Chicago to Los Angeles car shipping route passes through several interesting and diverse US states.

Beginning in the bustling city of Chicago, the journey travels through diverse landscapes, showcasing the heartland of the United States, until arriving in the vibrant city of Los Angeles. This approach demonstrates efficiency and logistical know-how.

Carriers that travel this route are adept at handling the varied terrain and weather variations that come with such long journeys. Their knowledge guarantees prompt and safe delivery of a wide variety of vehicles, from affordable family cars to expensive luxury models and extremely valuable historic cars, showcasing the highest level of auto transport expertise.


When you contact Best Way Auto Transport, LLC. for your auto shipping needs. You are choosing a business that puts reliability, safety and customer happiness first. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing a flawless shipping experience and is motivated by their in-depth understanding of the complexities involved in cross-country auto transportation. To start your hassle-free car shipping journey from Chicago to Los Angeles, call (917) 781-2300.