How to Find a Tracker on your Car

How to Find a Tracker on your Car

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A subscription or service agreement is often required to access data from a tracking device. Tracking devices employ GPS or cellular technologies to identify locations. If you suspect that your automobile has been fitted with a GPS tracker against your knowledge, there are a few simple steps you can do to determine if you are being tracked.

A common misconception is that detectives use automobile tracking devices to monitor a subject’s whereabouts. While it’s conceivable, businesses and the general public use vehicle monitoring systems more regularly, especially those searching for the bestway near me. For instance:

  • Fleet management firms to find company automobiles.
  • Taxi firms for car delivery.
  • Suspicious partners looking into the current location of their partner.

Depending on the producer and use, tracking devices have varying appearances, but a few common rules can help you spot one on your car. Usually, it will resemble a little box with a metallic side.It usually looks like a tiny box with a metallic side. Keep in mind these frequent traits when searching for a tracker on your car so you can quickly spot it and take the appropriate removal action. Being informed of these visual clues can help preserve your privacy and guarantee the security of the car, whether you’re using the services of a reliable technician or using affordable auto transport techniques.

Method 1:

Perform a physical inspection

a: Check the Exterior

All potential hiding places for a tracker should be investigated. A tracking gadget mounted on the outside of your car must be small and resistant to the elements.

Examine the front and rear wheel wells using a torch. To feel for things that aren’t immediately visible, use your hand. Look beneath plastic coverings that don’t need to be removed since if a tracker is found in the wheel well, its magnets will need to be linked to a metal component.

Examine the substructure. To see deep beneath your car, use a mirror on an extension pole. The undercarriage gets pretty muddy, so beware. If there is a tracker connected, it will probably be equally filthy and difficult to detect without a keen eye.

b: Inspect the Interior

Some simple tracking gadgets plug directly into the data port located under the driver’s side of the dashboard. Look at the data port for a small black box that is plugged in. If one exists, it is simple to take it out.

Make sure the spare tyre compartment is checked out in the trunk. It might be hidden in a nook in the trunk, such as under the extra tyre.

Look underneath each seat. Look with a torch for anything that seems out of the ordinary, such as a little electrical module with no wiring or a few dangling wires. To check for anomalies, compare the undersides of the two front seats. Additionally, look for bumps at the edge of the seat upholstery as they could conceal a monitoring device. In case it is movable, check underneath the back seat as well.

Examine the interior of the dashboard. You may or may not need to take off a cover from underneath the driver’s side of your automobile, depending on the make and model. Once you have access, you can probably locate any wired equipment there. A magnetically connected gadget should be sought instead. Look for any wire in modules that isn’t neatly tucked into the car’s harnesses.

Method 2:

Use an Electronic Sweeper

Verify the interior of the dashboard. You may or may not need to get out a cover from below the driver’s side of your automobile, relying on the make and model. Once you have access, you can probably find any wired equipment there. Otherwise, look for a piece of equipment with a magnetic attachment. Check any modules for the wire that isn’t neatly tucked into the car’s harnesses.

Sweepers exist in a variety of sizes and designs, from a little cassette tape-sized gadget to a pen that conceals the device. They search a wide spectrum of electromagnetic frequencies and vibrate, flash, or emit an audible tone to notify you of nearby transmissions.

Method 3:

Seek Professional Assistance

Finding a tracking device in your car might be helped by a number of industry experts who frequently work with electronics. Look up: Installers of alarm systems

  • Technicians for audio systems
  • Certified mechanics with expertise in electrical systems
  • Installers of remote starts


Discovering a tracker on your car is a matter of diligence, observation, and utilizing appropriate tools. Technology improvements have made tracking devices more affordable and compact, which makes it simpler for someone with bad intent to install them covertly. However, it is feasible to spot and get rid of such gadgets, protecting your privacy and giving you peace of mind, by being watchful and using a methodical approach.

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