shipping car across the country

Step By Step Guide How to Shipping Car across the Country

If you’ve never shipped a car across the nation, the task can seem overwhelming. Regardless of whether you’re moving to a new state or just need to transport a vehicle for any other purpose. There are many logistics to take into account and choices to be made. From picking a reputable car shipping company to getting your vehicle ready for transport. There are several crucial measures to take to guarantee a smooth and stress-free journey.

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll walk you through the process of shipping car across the country, starting with research and planning and ending with receiving your vehicle at its destination. We’ll go over everything, from choosing a shipping option to getting your automobile ready for shipment, and we’ll provide pointers and guidance to aid you at each stage.


How Much Does Shipping Car Across The Country Cost?

Several factors affect how much it will cost to ship a car across two states. Your shipping prices will depend on several key criteria, including:

  •  Transport Distance

Because auto freight firms bill by the mile, longer shipments are often more expensive. Shipping car across the country, though, is typically less expensive per mile than shipping them locally because per-mile charges tend to decline as shipping distance increases.

  • The Season

Seasonal variations in car transportation costs can be seen, with peak costs occurring in the spring and summer.

  • Fuel Prices

One of the largest expenses for automobile carriers is fuel. Shipping costs are likely to increase along with fuel prices.

  • Type of Automobile

The cost of shipping larger, heavier automobiles is usually higher than for smaller ones. To ship rare, exotic, or vintage vehicles, some auto transporters may demand more.

  • Transportation Choices

The cost of various car shipping services varies. For instance, terminal-to-terminal shipping is generally cheaper than door-to-door transport, and open caravan shipment is less costly than enclosed carriage.

A Vehicle’s State

The majority of shippers charge more to move a broken-down car.

How to Shipping Car across the Country? 4 Primary Steps to Follow!

1: Find a Reliable Car Transport Service and Get a Quotation

Anybody transporting such a massive and expensive product across the country typically has affordability as their first priority. Finding car shipping quotes in this situation can take some time, but it will be worthwhile in the end.

Get five reasonable quotations from auto transporters that satisfy the following requirements.

  • Do they have a license?
  • Do they operate seven days per week?
  • Are they known for having outstanding communication skills when traveling?
  • Do they provide a range of quotes that take all quote kinds into account?
  • What kind of coverage do they have for insurance?
  • Do they promote their client endorsements?
  • Verify that they adhere to the FMCSA (i.e. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) regulations.


2: Choose Your Delivery Method

You will need a distinct kind of transport if you’re shipping the family car or your child’s college car than if you’re searching for a practical approach to moving your vintage car or a brand-new car.

  • Enclosed Transport – The preferred method for transporting prized property autos is enclosed transport. Although it costs extra, the car won’t be outside in the elements.
  • Open-Air Transport – While still safe, open-air transportation is a little less costly. Even though the car will be outside, it is nicely maintained. For most transportation, it is the favored way of shipping vehicles.

3: Set Up the Car Pickup

The day before pickup, it’s crucial to prepare your car. Include this in your list of to-dos. To prepare your car for its big excursion, follow these easy steps:

  • To ensure that all of the car’s components are in good working order, you should check the tire pressure, battery charge, and any fluid leaks first.
  • Next, to prevent costs on the trip, take off the antenna, turn off the alarm, and take off any trackers or toll beepers.
  • At this point, take out the car’s trunk as well as all personal items, such as the registration and insurance papers.
  • Add or subtract petrol till it is a quarter full. Petrol is required to move the car, although it increases the truck’s cargo.

4: Get Your Car at the Destination

There are only a few things left to complete after your car arrives at its destination.

  • The driver for shipping services will scrutinize your ID or the ID of the individual picking up the car.
  • The destination assessment then begins. Snap photographs of the vehicle and inspect it for dents or marks that did not exist before shipping. During this process, make sure the driver is there, and take pictures of any damage you notice.
  • Finally, you and the driver both sign the Bill of Lading, and the driver gives back your keys. It truly is that simple.

Hunting for a Reliable ‘Auto Transport Near Me’ Shipping Company: 3 Things to Consider!

  • Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials for any type of business are all over the Internet. We constantly suggest transportation companies with stellar feedback. On social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit, you can also read reviews.

  • Concern and Care

In addition to your home, your car is one of your most expensive things. The top car shipping companies will treat your car with care and deliver it on schedule with little delay. Reviews frequently describe how a specific car transportation business will handle your vehicle.

  • Tracking

We favor auto transporters that provide online tracking services. Carriers with a good reputation will frequently give you essential updates via contact, email, or text to let you know if the schedule has changed. If you’re sending an expensive car, pick a shipping company that keeps a tight eye on it.


Even though it may seem like a difficult undertaking, shipping cars across the country may go smoothly with the appropriate preparation and planning. You can feel confident in your abilities to pick a dependable car shipping business, get your car ready for transfer, and make sure of a flawless delivery to its destination by following our step-by-step guide.

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