Motorcycle Shipping

Motorcycle Shipping: Best Tips to Find the most Affordable Motorcycle Transport Company

A number of different carriers are willing to transport your motorcycle. Depending on the service offered, how quickly you need to move, what type of bike you need to transport, and how far it has to travel, shipping costs will vary.

Don’t just settle for a shipping quote, just like with moving companies. Think about their previous experience transporting motorcycles and any additional services or costs that your bike may incur.

Cost for Motorcycle Shipping

The average cost of professional auto transport for shipping a motorcycle with enclosed trailer transport for a 1,500-mile trip is around $1,140, according to the data gathered from the major companies in the sector. You should use this as a starting point because motorcycle shipping costs vary based on a number of factors.

  • Estimated price for open motorcycle transportation is $535 to $1,295.
  • Estimated price for enclosed motorcycle transportation is $385 to $1,895.
  • Estimated price for interstate motorcycle transportation (520 miles): $385 to $1,295
  • Estimated price for interstate motorcycle transportation (1,660 miles): $605 to $1,895

The cost you receive for motorcycle delivery may not be the total cost you will pay to ship your motorcycle. The cost of hiring a bike carrier may occasionally include a service charge. Depending on the company you may have to pay additional insurance or surcharges. Additional fees add to the delivery cost if you choose enclosed shipping or a guaranteed pickup date.

Tips to Find Affordable Motorcycle Transport Company


· Compare Quotations from Different Transportation Companies

Compare estimates from several shipping providers to get the cheapest motorcycle shipping options. It is very important to get at least three estimates to compare because most shipping businesses offer free quotes online or over the phone.

By choosing a company that specializes in shipping motorcycles, you may be able to reduce the risk of damage, but at what additional cost? The answer to this query will vary based on variables such as distance shipped, zip code used for pickup and delivery, size of bike, time of year, cost of fuel, etc.

· Select a Period of Low Demand

As a result of peak season, the cost of motorcycle shipping can increase significantly. You can save a lot of money if you have the freedom to schedule your shipping for the off-season. The off-season usually lasts from late fall to early April. Shipping companies are offering discounts at this time because they are usually looking for customers.

· Work With a Freight Broker

A fantastic place to look for cheap motorcycle shipping options is freight brokers. These businesses act as liaisons between shippers and carriers, negotiating prices and terms so you get the best deal. Freight brokers often have access to a wide range of carriers and are able to provide discounted shipping rates.

· Keep Open Transport in Mind

Enclosed transport is the safest method of shipping motorcycles but is also the most expensive. If you’re willing to take some chances, open transport is a good choice. The most popular and cost-effective way to move motorcycles is in open trailers. Just make sure your bike is properly packed and protected and that the shipping business has a solid reputation.

Open vs. Enclosed

When looking for an affordable auto transport company for motorcycle shipment, it is very important to consider your preference for transportation method. Open and enclosed transport are two main possibilities.

Open Transport

The most popular and economical technique for exporting motorcycles is open transit. Your bicycle will be transported on an open trailer where it will be exposed to the elements and traffic debris. Despite this exposure, most motorcycles are widely considered safe for open transportation. A combination of open and door to door auto transport can save you dollars.


  • A cheaper alternative
  • Widely accessible
  • Fast delivery times because open transportation is in high demand.


  • Exposure to the elements and perhaps road debris
  • Not protected as enclosed transportation
  • Not suitable for expensive or rare motorcycles.

Enclosed Transport

By placing your motorcycle in a fully enclosed trailer, attached transport provides superior protection for it. This method costs more than open transportation, but it provides better defense against the elements and road debris.


  • Better protection for your motorcycle
  • Ideal for expensive, rare, or delicate bikes.
  • Extra assurance and comfort


  • Higher cost than open transport
  • Limited options compared to open transportation
  • Due to low demand, the shipment period may be longer.


Your motorcycle is like a baby to you, this means neither you can leave it behind nor you can ship it without extra care. For this, you may have to pay hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars to ship it safely. You can ensure that what initially seems like a great deal is actually the best motorcycle shipping by recognizing the warning signs, asking the right questions, and being knowledgeable about shipping companies, destinations, and costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    How do I find the cheapest bike shipping option?

To get the best deal, shop around and compare prices from several shipping providers, consider open transport, and avoid peak travel times.

2.    What Factors Affect the Shipping Cost of a Motorcycle?

Distance traveled, mode of transportation (open or enclosed), any additional services and the dimensions and weight of your motorcycle are a few variables.