Motorcycle Shipping: The Ultimate Guide to Safe and Reliable Transport

Another concern brought about by its use is how the users can incline themselves in the safe and efficient transport of motorcycles. The procedure of motorcycle shipping at Best Way Auto Transport LLC. Is followed in a proper way with that special concern to ensure that your motorcycle. Will be safely delivered to the desired place in good condition. Let me summarize the important information that an individual needs when it comes to motorcycle shipping right from the type of shipping options, he or she wants to choose to how to prepare his or her bike for shipment.

Types of Motorcycle Shipping:

Open Transport:

To summarize, open transport is one of the most common ways of motorcycle shipment due to its relatively low price. Your motorcycle is loaded on an open trailer and these are normally brought by a towing vehicle and are open to accommodate several other motorcycles in most cases. As we said, this method is cheaper, but your bike will be exposed to all kinds of weather and other sharp objects on the road. But if the distance is less or if the monetary cost of shipment is a concern, then an open mode of transport can be opted.

Enclosed Transport:

For the added protection of the motorcycles, it is only proper that they be confined to enclosed transportation. Other times their bikes are loaded at a trailer to meet extreme weather, dust as well and any form of harm while on a transport. Closed transport is especially recommended for these kinds of bikes which are, in general, high-value, vintage, or custom. This though will cost slightly more than the open transport but it will greatly help in keeping the vandals away and at the same time, your car will be in its safest-looking form and free from any form of damage.

Crated Shipping:

Transportation to be is the act whereby your motorcycle is packaged in a wooden crate for transferring towards the destination that is intended. This style of packaging affords maximum protection and solidity to the item; this makes it most suitable for long-distance and cross-border transport. This method of shipment entails that your bike will not be on the road or in other words, it is not in a cycling state when being shipped and thus cannot be exposed to any form of risk.

Preparing Your Motorcycle for Shipping Clean and Inspect Your Motorcycle:

The following are the precautions that one has to follow if one wants to maintain the durability of their motorcycle: Before returning the Motorcycle to the renting company, the cleaning is done before it is taken to the nearest bike store. This is the position in areas that call for damage localization and this is often provided before the commencement of the project. Scrutinize the bodywork and look for signs of damage such as scratches or dents, or even mechanical issues as is common with cars. Standing some distance away from them, capture high-quality pictures of each in a posture they wish to portray for their bike. It will also be useful if there is any mention of damages that may be claimed in the returns.

Remove Loose Items:

Out of motorcycle anything that does not require a bolt to hold on to like bags or catalogue stands is advised to be taken off it. Any extra items such as saddle bags, GPS. And other components that may be required are usually considered extras and should be ordered from the manufacturer since they are in most cases optional. All such items should be labeled similarly, however, ensure that as far as possible all its detachable parts including any removable components are also packed securely.

Check Fluids and Battery:

It has to be shipped to another place so that there shall be a maximum of a quarter full for the fuel tank. This is to ensure that there are no leaks from the source you are sourcing your information from for whatever reason. Be as selective as possible on all the fluids that you use have any leakage that is experienced in the car is solved. It is also preferred to take out the battery to discourage any electrical issues during the transfer from one place to the other.

Choosing a Motorcycle Shipping Company Research and Compare:

It will be more of your advantage if you are willing to spend some of your time to research for different motorcycle shipping companies out there. So, when choosing a business to buy your essay, you have to make sure it’s authentic and reputed among users. Therefore, this way of comparing the quotes and services relating to the shipping will enhance the likelihood of getting the best of the deals for shipping and at the same time, possibly engaging the fine shipper.

Verify Licensing and Insurance:

In the first place, they should ensure that the specific law governing a particular transport company. Is legal or that the transport company is permissible under the provision of the law concerning the legislations of a given transport company to offer the service. This may especially be the case especially whenever fuel is involved. And there is an occurrence such as an explosion or always if the vessel being used is sunk. Re: For this purpose, one has to seek the approval of photocopy of insurance and other related licensing documents to the respective government bodies.

Read Reviews and Testimonials:

Sometimes, hearing from the customers, through the reviews, or the testimonies they give, helps you determine the reliability of a particular shipping company. For this reason, one should attempt to read Yelp, Google Reviews, and any other site where one can express his/her opinion concerning different companies and their services.


If you are considering using a motor motorcycle then you will certainly consider the following. A cycle can sometimes be very much of a headache to transport. Therefore, in the event that an individual is in search of information about how to properly prepare. A certain bike for shipping or indeed the various methods possible in shipping. A bike, or even being able to select a company that will best offer the services of shipping your bike from one place to the other then the above information should suffice. Here at Best Way Auto Transport LLC. We have been privileged to fine-tune the best mode of transporting. Your motorcycle as per the safety measures and overall services to be provided. Be it the consignment that you are sending within the country or an international consignment. Come to us and we will be with our professional hand from the day one. In the above information, other valuable pieces of advice include hiring an experienced mover. Choosing the right time for the shipping of the motorcycle and finally ensuring that you set realistic expectations.