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If you are moving to another state: Should you transport your car or should drive yourself

The choice between transport your car or driving yourself when moving to another state depends on factors such as distance, time constraints, budget, and personal preference.

Here are some factors to consider:

1: Distance

If the distance is short, driving yourself may be more convenient and cost-effective. However, for longer distances, use auto transport company near me so that you can save time and effort.

2: Time constraints

If you have a limited time frame, transporting your car can be faster as you can fly or use other modes of transportation while your vehicle is shipped separately.

3: Budget

Driving yourself can be cheaper when considering expenses like fuel, accommodations, meals, and potential wear and tear on your car. Shipping your car may have higher upfront costs, but it eliminates these additional expenses.

4: Personal preference

When deciding whether to transport your car or drive yourself when moving to another state, take into account your personal preferences. Consider factors such as your comfort while driving, endurance for long trips, and desire to explore along the way. If you enjoy road trips or want the opportunity to discover new places during your move, driving yourself may be a more enjoyable option.

Ways for moving a car to another state

There are various methods to transport a car to another state:

  • Self-driving:

The most common approach is to personally drive the car to the destination. This provides control over timing and the opportunity for a road trip. However, it requires time, endurance, and careful planning for long distances.

  • Professional auto transport service:

Hiring a reputable auto transport company is a convenient option. They will load your vehicle onto a carrier or trailer and deliver it to the desired location, saving you from the wear and tear of a long drive. Ensure you choose a reliable and licensed service.

  • Drive-away service:

With a drive-away service, someone else drives your car to the new location. This can be cost-effective if you lack time or interest in driving yourself. Verify the credentials and insurance of the driver before selecting this door-to-door transport option.

Train or rail transport: Some companies offer car transport via trains or rail systems, which can be cost-effective and efficient for long distances. However, availability and flexibility may be limited based on train routes and schedules.

  • Air shipping:

If time is crucial or the distance is significant, shipping your car by air is an option. Air freight companies specialize in vehicle transportation, offering faster delivery. However, this is usually the most expensive choice and may have restrictions on vehicle size and weight.

Consider factors such as distance, time constraints, budget, and personal preference when selecting a method. Research and compare options, obtain quotes, and be aware of any specific requirements or limitations associated with each approach. For example, you can explore reputable auto transport companies like Best Way Auto Transport LLC and gather information about their services before making a decision.

Why do people use Auto transport?

In general, individuals opt for auto transport services to streamline the vehicle moving process, save time, and improve convenience. This is particularly true when facing long-distance moves or situations where driving is not feasible or preferable due to various factors.

Safety and protection: Auto transport companies possess the expertise and equipment to safely load, secure, and transport vehicles. This ensures the protection of the car during transit, minimizing the risk of damage or accidents.


whether to transport your car or drive yourself when moving to another state relies on several factors. If the distance is short, driving yourself is convenient and cost-effective. However, for longer distances, utilizing best auto moving company saves time and effort. Take into account your time constraints, budget, and personal preferences. If you have limited time, car transportation is faster, while driving allows for flexibility and exploration.