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Understanding Open Auto Transport: The Best Choice for Vehicle Shipping

Another type of transport service is the open auto transport service, which mostly deals with the transportation of cars within the United States. It is the process where cars are moved using trailer trucks which are commonly Kenya containers where several cars are placed in one truck, more specifically, two cars on top of each other. Therefore, shipping is a practical and inexpensive method of moving cars to individual clients and any company or organization that may require transporting them across long distances. itinually in this guide, we will seek to describe the concept of open auto transport and how it works, and discuss more on its benefits, the process involved in the method, and why this method is ideal for shipping your car.

What is Open Auto Transport?

Definition and Basics:

Open auto transport also known as ‘chock or tie down transport’ refers to the vehicle shipment through trucks with uncovered trailers. These trailers are most commonly found on interstates; the transporters provided can move up to six to ten automobiles at once. The cars are exposed to dust and other physical attributes but his method is widely received due to its inexpensive and efficacy.

Types of Open Trailers:

Single-Level Multi-Car Trailers:

These are truck-trailer types that have a single deck and they can carry three cars at a go.  They are usually needed for comparatively short traveling or transportation age.

Double-Level Multi-Car Trailers:

There are two types which are as follows: these are the most prevailing, and they can have the ability to accommodate a maximum of ten cars. They are built to last for enormous distances and they are among the most efficient mobility machines available to mankind.

Advantages of Open Auto Transport:


The fourth advantage of open auto transport is indeed its advantage over enclosed auto transport in terms of cost. On average the cost of cars is low, and this is because many cars are shipped at once. This makes it a good marketing strategy to everyone involved with an instance being the motorists and the car dealers.

Availability and Convenience:

The concerned auto transport services can also be availed in the open market, which means that the scheduling of the transport process can be arranged easily. The above services depict the fact that many providers are out there offering this service and one has to compare to get the provider who offers the service at the amount of money one can afford or the amount of time that one has to spend.

Efficiency in Shipping:

But, this is because; open trailers are designed for regular movement and therefore are easily loaded, and easily unloaded as they are in transit most of the time. This is long-term advantageous for both the carrier at well as the customer since it guarantees that vehicles are delivered to their required destinations on time.

Choosing the Right Auto Transport Company:

Research and Reviews:

Selecting the right Company is very essential for any trip you will be undertaking. Search for firms regarded highly by their clients, without complaints, or negative feedback, and who have been witnessed to deliver credible services. Customers’ review forums available on the internet are beneficial.

Comparing Quotes:

To get a clearer picture of what services they offer and the amount they charge, cross-check with various companies. It is also important not to go for quotes that seem to be substantially lower than the others because the cost may probably be covering the service quality that you need or other extra charges.

Customer Service:

Customer awareness of a company that offers transport services is always good. Make sure that you are working with a company that is very responsive and one that can communicate well with you especially if there are issues you want to raise.


Open auto transport is I believe the most appropriate type of car transportation since it is cheap and can satisfy one’s needs. This machine is preferred by many due to its economic nature, capability of producing output that is very high compared to other machines, and ease of access. Thus everyone would be assured of hiring any open auto transport service since you would be well conversant with the process and the gains of the service.