What Is Hemming’s? Is It Safe Buying & Selling Used Cars with Hemming’s

Over the past few years, online used cars buying and selling have grown in popularity. Irrespective of where they reside in the United States, buyers and sellers can view hundreds of vehicles because of reliable and knowledgeable websites like Hemmings.

Find out the advantages of purchasing or selling a car through Hemming’s and how its bids operate by reading this blog.

What Is Hemming’s?

Established in 1954, Hemming’s Motor News is a well-liked journal among auto aficionados. Hemming’s increased the scope of its services in the 1990s by adding a virtual marketplace for buying and selling automobiles. Hemming’s is currently one of the biggest internet marketplaces for motorcycles, components, and vintage and antique automobiles.

Hemming provides both buyers and sellers with a range of services. Hemming provides listings for vehicles and parts, as well as company marketing packages, for sellers. Hemming’s provides an online catalog of vehicles and components, as well as a buyer’s manual and other tools, for customers.

The emphasis on classic and antique cars at Hemming’s is one of its distinctive features. Hemming specializes in vehicles that are 25 years or older, unlike other e-commerce sites like Craigslist and eBay which also sell used cars. This renders it an excellent resource for car enthusiasts and collectors who are hunting for uncommon or difficult-to-find vehicles.

Positives of Hemming’s

  • There is a wide variety of cars for aficionados.
  • Reputable business with an established track record.
  • Listings are created internally.
  • If sellers choose not to use an online auction, they also have other options such as direct sales, and public ads.

Negatives of Hemming’s

  • A hefty maximum of 5% buyer’s charge.
  • The auction of the vehicle must be approved.
  • The automobile of a seller could not be permitted to be listed for auction.
  • There are no promises of a sale.

How Does Hemming’s Work for Buyers?

Hemming’s operates uniquely for buyers and sellers, although both can interact on the platform and complete deals. This is how it goes:

· Add a Listing

You need to create a listing to market a car or components on Hemmings. You are required to fill out a form with details on the car, including its model and maker, year, price, and condition. Additionally, you can upload pictures and give more information about the vehicle.

· A Listing Package Can Be Chosen

Based on your requirements and financial situation, Hemming’s offers a variety of listing packages. Furthermore, these bundles include elements like a priority listing, online advertising, and email marketing, ranging from a simple listing to more complete advertising packages.

· Manage the Listing

You may manage your listing via the account’s dashboard after it is live on Hemming’s. This includes revising the listing, answering questions from interested parties, and concluding a sale.

· Look For Vehicles Delivery Options

Last but certainly not least, consider how you’ll handle delivery if you’re buying a car from a distant seller. If the merchant hasn’t provided you with a shipping option, you can set one up on your own. Simply look into hiring the best car shipping companies that fit your budget by conducting a quick search.

How Does Hemming’s Work for Sellers?

·  Look For Vehicles or Parts

You may utilize Hemmings search tool to uncover postings that meet your requirements for buying a car or parts. Furthermore, you have the option to search by location, year, model and manufacturer, and other criteria.

· Check the Listings

Once you’ve located a listing that piques your interest, you can look over the information and images that the seller has provided. Hemming’s also provides a way for you to get in touch with the vendor and ask queries or request more details.

· Bargain and Purchase

If you decide to go ahead with a purchase, you can negotiate the conditions of the sale with the seller. Additionally, to safeguard both parties, Hemming advises using a reliable payment mechanism like PayPal or Escrow.com. After receiving payment, the seller may then arrange for shipping the vehicle or its components to you.

· Arrange an Auto Transport Services

The car’s delivery to the new owner comes last. You are spared the work required to drive the vehicle yourself thanks to auto shipping firms. Make sure you and the buyer agree on who will pay for car shipping costs before making any final decisions.


Hemming offers an interface for connecting buyers and sellers and completing transactions for motorcycles, components, and classic and vintage autos. Moreover, Hemming provides information and protections to assist in reducing the hazards associated with purchasing or selling an automobile online. You may use Hemming’s to purchase or sell an automobile with confidence by conducting your research, being clear in your communication, and above all, using a method of payment that is safe.