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Car Shipping from Sacramento Ca to Miami Florida

Car Shipping from Sacramento Ca to Miami Florida 2023

When you choose to drive your car, truck, or other vehicle from Sacramento Ca to Miami Florida, it has never been safer, easier, or more efficient. An experienced auto transport company makes it a piece of bread when it comes to the safety of your vehicle. The most popular use flatbed trucks, attached auto carriers, or open carriers to keep your vehicle safe and secure, all at a reasonable price. Nowadays, it is easy to obtain the cost to ship a car from different companies and compare them to make the best possible choice.

Average Cost to Ship your Car from Sacramento Ca to Miami Florida

The average cost to ship a car from California to Florida is $1490 to $2563.

A proper auto transport company can handle the job whether you need an auto shipment from California to Florida for your car, truck, or other vehicle. Their experienced staff members can handle any type of long-distance shipping assignment thanks to their 20 years of experience. The major benefit of an auto vehicle shipment company is communication: they communicate throughout the transit process with accurate quotes and fair pricing.

Factors that Affect Car Shipping Prices

The following factors often affect car delivery prices in California:

Vehicle size and weight: Big vehicles are more expensive to ship than smaller ones.

Vehicle type and operability: As luxury cars and junk autos require more labor to move, they cost more to ship.

Distance: Cost per mile increases as the distance between pickup and delivery locations increases.

Shipping Methods: Enclosed shipping is safer than open transit, but costs more.

Season of the Shipment: The most expensive times of the year to move a car are summer and January.

Popular Counties: Shipping cars from Los Angeles, San Jose, and Oakland will be quite affordable. Delivery to Nevada, Oregon, and Arizona will also be less expensive.

How long does it take to ship a car from California to Florida?

A Typical auto carrier usually covers between 370 and 500 miles per day. However, you can reduce the traveling distance by dropping your vehicle at a service station. From California to Florida, the travel time is expected to take 7 to 9 days. Additionally, the route is approximately 2,800 miles long. When you enter your information into our vehicle shipping calculator, it will estimate the distance between your pickup and delivery points and estimate how many miles your vehicle will travel between those two points. You can then use the results to determine how long your specific order will take to complete, from the time the car is picked up to when it arrives for delivery.

From Sacramento to Miami, You Can Use the Following Methods!

Open Transport: The most common choice for moving vehicles is open auto transport. This is the cheapest option for moving vehicles. In our network, there are approximately 19,000 qualified Open Auto Transport providers all over the USA.

Enclosed Transport: Enclosed auto transport is the preferable option when transporting high-end, luxury, or exotic cars that are too small to drive safely in an open trailer.

Auction Transport: If you buy a car at auction, it will probably be out of state. Companies can collect your cars from all online auctions, including eBay Motors, Copart, IAAI, Richie Bros, Iron Planet, Gov Deals, GSA Auctions, Manheim, Mecum, Barret Jackson, NPA, and many other auctions across the US.

California Car Transport Requirements

Before making a reservation for a car shipping service, there are a few documents and bits of information that need to be prepared. You must fulfill all the conditions in advance to avoid complications in the automobile shipment procedure.

Documents required to ship a car from California

Before scheduling your vehicle delivery from California, make sure you have the following items available:

  • Photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport
  • Vehicle information, including make, model, year, VIN, and license plate number
  • Proof of car/vehicle insurance
  • Proof of ownership, such as a title or vehicle registration
  • Sender and consignee information

These are the basic guidelines for shipping a car from California, while the rules and regulations may vary slightly from company to company.

Should you ship your car from Sacramento, California to Miami, Florida?

If saving time and money is important, you should consider hiring professional auto transport. There are many leading companies readily available to ship your car without a hassle. Using the best possible and available method, door-to-door auto transport is the most affordable price. Companies promise that all vehicles including automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, and boats will arrive safely and on time


Car Shipping Cost Calculator

Car Shipping Cost Calculator: How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car?

Whether you’re moving 500 or 2,000 miles, you may want to consider shipping your vehicle to your new home instead of putting miles on it. Moving is already expensive, so you’re not alone if you’re wondering how much more you’ll need to budget to ship your car through a shipping company.

Many reputable auto transport companies have the option available on their website to get instant Quote via a free car shipping cost calculator. It’s a good idea to get multiple bids so you can compare the services you’ll be paying for, and you can always try to negotiate a cheaper price with a company that wants your business.

What is a Car Shipping Cost Calculator?

The car shipping cost calculator is a tool found on the websites of various auto transport companies that enables consumers to easily obtain car shipment estimates. Some car shipping cost calculator provide customers with quick quotes, while others collect information that is sent to shipper’s agents. Once the salesperson compiles the customer’s information, they usually provide a car delivery estimate within minutes.

Average Cost of Auto Transport

The average cost of transporting a vehicle is $1,108. It has been observed that it costs between $510 and $1,580 to transport a vehicle a few hundred miles on an open carrier, while it costs about $1,580 to transport a vehicle across the country via the enclosed carrier method.

Average Car Shipping Costs by Shipment Mode

Since open transport carriers are the cheapest way to ship a vehicle, most people use them. The average cost of an open shipment is $1,108, or about $385 less than a closed shipment.

Average Costs of Auto Transport by Distance

Generally, the further your vehicle moves, the higher the shipping costs. The average cost of transporting a vehicle less than 500 miles is about $680, while a cross-country trip costs about $1,400.

Average Auto Transport Prices by Vehicle Size

The size of your vehicle affects the cost of its delivery. Heavy-sized vehicles require more space on a transport truck, and their weight affects the carrier’s fuel economy. Both affect the estimated cost of the car shipping cost calculator along with the final price.

For example, a less-weighted vehicles like the Kia Sportage, Honda CR-V, and Ford Escape are much less expensive to ship than heavy equipment like the Chevrolet Silverado, Ford F-150, and Ram 1500.

Factors that Affect Cost Other than those Mentioned in the Car Shipping Cost Calculator

The estimates you receive from the car shipping cost calculator may vary for a variety of reasons. Several factors affect the cost of auto transport:


Whether you are traveling a long distance or shipping your vehicle less than 500 miles, vehicle shipping company in US charge by the mile. For longer distances, you’ll get a lower rate per mile, but the overall cost will be higher.

Locations for Pick-up and Drop-off

Door-to-door shipment will be more expensive than terminal-to-terminal shipping.

Seasonal Time:

In the auto transport business, demand often increases during summer and January, which drives up costs.

Mode of Vehicle Transport:

Enclosed shipping offers your vehicle more security during transit, but at a higher cost than open transport. In general, an enclosed car carrier is the best option for transporting premium and historic vehicles.

Type of Automobile:

Trucks and recreational vehicles are more expensive than sedans.

Vehicle Condition:

Transporting disabled vehicles is more expensive than transporting operational vehicles because they demand more resources to transport.

Fuel cost:

High fuel costs often result in higher auto transport costs. Aspects that affect the cost of auto transport.

The Requirement to Get an Instant Car Shipping Cost Calculator

Follow these steps to get an instant quote from the car shipping calculator:

Ensure that you have all pertinent information available so that we can provide you with the most accurate car shipment quotation possible. The subsequent will be necessary:

  • States, county, and zip codes for the pickup and destination locations
  • Model, year, and kind of vehicle
  • Operating circumstance
  • Transport mode: Open or Enclosed
  • Pickup and delivery date

Tips to Keep in Mind Once your Vehicle is Delivered

Before accepting your vehicle from any auto transport company, you should do a thorough inspection.

  • Check every component of your vehicle. Check for recent dents, scratches, or chips in the paint.
  • Check the windshield, door handles, glass, and exterior mirrors for damage.
  • Also, inspect the undercarriage and tires.
  • Test the functionality of the locks by opening and closing all doors and windows.
  • Drive your vehicle back and forth to verify that it continues to move.
  • Submit a claim (if needed)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to transport a car?

Transportation costs about $1,108 per vehicle. The cost to ship a car ranges from about $500 to over $1,600 to move a vehicle a few hundred miles on an open carrier or enclosed carrier, respectively.

2. What is the average cost per mile to transport a car?

The average cost per mile of transporting a vehicle is about $1.17. However, vehicle shipping costs vary significantly based on variables such as vehicle size, distance, route, and time of year. Always try to get at least 3 cost estimations to select the best one.

3. What is the typical cost of shipping a vehicle by an open carrier?

The average cost to ship a vehicle on an open carrier is $1,108. A package across the country costs about $1,500, while a trip of fewer than 500 miles costs about $500.

4.Where can I find a car shipping cost calculator for auto transport?

Almost every car shipment website has a car shipping cost calculator, you may find it on the website header. After entering the correct information about the vehicle such as the model of your vehicle, weight and manufacturing year as well as its pickup and delivery locations, the car shipping calculator will generate an estimate for your shipment.

Move your vehicle with Best Way Auto Transport LLC

As the top-rated auto transport company, Best Way Auto Transport LLC aims to provide every customer with a luxurious car shipping experience. Get started with a free instant quote on shipping your vehicle, or call (917) 781-2300 to speak with a vehicle shipping consultant.

New York Car Transport: A Guide to Shipping a Car from Florida to New York

Shipping a car from Florida to New York is a great alternative for those who want to avoid the hassle and expense of driving their own vehicle. With auto transport companies that provide safe and reliable transportation as well as insurance coverage, it’s a good idea to ensure that your vehicle arrives in good condition at your new home in New York. It is definitely an easy and stress-free method.

So why put more miles on your car or waste money on gas and loading when you can sit back and relax when your car is delivered to your new home? Let’s look at the benefits of shipping an automobile from Florida to New York and how it can make your move easier.

Hiring a USA Auto Transport Company Makes Shipping a Car from Florida to New York Simple

Choosing a moving firm should be on your to-do list if you plan to ship your four-wheeler to another state. However, when moving long distances, you should confirm that the moving staff is experienced in car transportation.

Auto shipping companies provide a variety of services, including open and closed transport, door-to-door auto transport or terminal-to-terminal delivery, and insurance coverage options. Working with a professional transportation firm will ensure that your vehicle is delivered to its destination safely and efficiently.

Types of Car Shipment

When researching for shipping a car from Florida to New York, keep in mind that there are two basic types of auto shipping methods to consider. They are as follows:

1. Open Car Shipment

Due to its low cost and accessibility, it is the most used type of auto transport shipping service. This form of vehicle transportation involves placing 1-2 cars on a solid trailer and securing them with safety belts and other devices. You can easily reserve a slot for shipping a car from Florida to New York because the trailer is open on both sides.

Although this is a cheap and quick way to move your car, there is some risk as your car is exposed to environmental factors such as rocks, water, and dust. However, some of the best auto shippers take full responsibility for shipping the car damage-free during transit.

2. Enclosed Car Shipment

Enclosed automobile shipping, as the name implies, is a method of auto transport in which your vehicle is transported in an enclosed trailer. The only difference between open car shipping and closed trailer shipping is the closed trailer. Hydraulics and lifting forks are also used by some auto transport companies to carefully place the automobile on the trailer. As a result, the cost of cargo increases, and the process slows down.

However, it is a much safer way to transport autos from New York to Florida. An enclosed auto shipment protects your vehicle from outdoor elements such as rocks, gravel, dust, water, and even road debris. As a result, owners of antique, rare, or very luxurious and expensive cars prefer this medium, where paying 30-40% more is not a problem because it will protect a high-end car.

Duration Required for Shipping A Car from Florida to New York

The estimated travel time from Florida to New York is 2 to 4 days. The length of this route is about 1,100 km. Standard carriers often travel an average of 500 miles per day. Expedited service is also available for packages that require immediate delivery.

Cost For Shipping a Car from Florida to New York

The cost of transporting a car from Florida to New York depends on the type of vehicle and when it is shipped. To get an accurate quotation for your move, use online instant quote calculator available on site to quickly calculate your Florida to New York car shipping quote.

How the Transportation of a Car from Florida to New York Works?

Following are the step-by-step instructions for moving your car from Florida to New York:

  • Request a price quote and make an advance reservation. The cost of shipping a car from Florida to New York is determined by several factors.
  • Provide information such as address and location of vehicle pickup, day and time of car pickup, information about the automobile, your contact information, and type of auto transport.
  • On the planned pickup day, the carrier will arrive at the pickup site. Coordination with the carrier is recommended to guarantee that you will not miss them on the day of pickup.
  • Before pickup, both you and the driver will inspect the vehicle and note any existing damage on the bill of lading.
  • After the paperwork is completed, your automobile will be picked up and the delivery adventure begins.
  • Your vehicle will be delivered to your designated location. At this point, the vehicle must be inspected for damage, delivery accepted, and the bill of lading signed.

Is it possible to Ship Personal Items in the Car?

Yes, it is possible to ship car with personal items. You can store personal items weighing less than 100 pounds in the trunk.


Shipping a car from Florida to New York is one of the busiest routes for auto transport services. This is mainly due to the “snowbird season”, which runs from October to April. When your vehicle arrives in New York, auto shipping experts will perform an inspection to document the current condition of your vehicle at the time of unloading.

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Top 10 Common Misconceptions About Car Shipping, Tracking And Delivery

As a vehicle owner, your vehicle is likely your largest investment and most valuable asset. After handing over the keys to a car shipped across the country, many owners like to track their vehicle’s location. Visibility of your vehicle’s whereabouts is vital to maintaining peace of mind while awaiting delivery.

Unbeknownst to you, dozens of unseen processes and proven solutions are used to ensure your vehicle is delivered safely, efficiently and legally. They determine the most efficient route for your vehicle. Some of these routes can seem complicated if you are closely monitoring your shipment, especially if you have limited logistics experience.

In this blog, we’ll clear up some common misconceptions about car shipping tracking and delivery to help you better understand the process of the best moving company.

1.    Cost

Misconception: Car shipping is much cheaper than driving the car to the destination.

While car shipping can sometimes be cheaper than driving, it is not always the case. Shipping costs depend on many factors such as distance, mode of transportation, size and weight of the vehicle, time of year, and demand for shipping services. It is best to get multiple quotes and compare to determine the most cost-effective option.

2.    Time

Misconception: Car shipping takes a long time, with long wait times at the port.

Shipping time may vary depending on distance, transportation method, and shipping route. This can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks. Some shipping companies offer expedited shipping services for an additional cost. While wait times at ports can sometimes be a factor, this is not always the case and depends on many variables.

3.    Insurance

Misconception: Car shipping companies provide adequate insurance coverage for the vehicle.

Although car shipping companies provide some insurance coverage for the vehicle, it may not always be sufficient. It is important to review the insurance policy thoroughly and consider purchasing additional insurance coverage to ensure that the vehicle is fully protected during transit. It is also recommended to take photos of the vehicle prior to shipping to document its condition.

4.    Handling

Misconception: Shipping companies handle the vehicle with care and won’t damage it.

Although car shipping companies handle vehicles with care, damage can still occur during transit due to various factors such as weather, road conditions, loading and unloading, and handling by multiple people. It is recommended to thoroughly inspect the vehicle upon delivery and report any damage immediately to the shipping company.

5.    Tracking

Misconception: Real-time tracking is available for all car shipments.

Not all car deliveries offer real-time tracking. Some shipping companies may only provide updates at certain intervals or upon request. When choosing a car shipping company it is important to confirm the level of tracking available and ask about available tracking options.

6.    Delivery

Misconception: Cars are delivered door-to-door.

Not all car deliveries are door to door. Some shipments may require pick-up or drop-off at terminals or ports. When choosing a car shipping company it is important to confirm delivery options and any additional fees. Door-to-door delivery may also be subject to access and other restrictions.

7.    Loading/Unloading

Misconception: Loading and unloading the car is simple and easy.

Loading and unloading a vehicle can be physically challenging and requires special equipment. It is important to understand the process involved and consider any necessary preparations, such as removing loose objects from the car. It is also important to ensure that the vehicle is protected from damage during transit.

8.    Documentation

Misconception: All necessary documentation is provided by the shipping company.

While shipping companies may provide some necessary documents, it is important to understand and verify what is required for shipment, such as proof of ownership, insurance documents, and customs forms. Some shipping companies may also require additional documents for certain destinations. It is important that you familiarize yourself with the requirements and ensure that all necessary documents are in order before sending the vehicle.

9.    Schedule

Misconception: The car shipment schedule is set and cannot be changed.

The car delivery schedule can be flexible at times, but it can also depend on various factors such as the availability of shipping services, delivery routes, and demand. Some shipping companies may be able to accommodate schedule changes for an additional fee, while others may not. It is important to understand the options available and plan accordingly.

10.  Mode of transportation

Misconception: Cars are shipped only by sea or air.

Cars can also be shipped by ground transportation, such as a truck or trailer. The method of transportation used will depend on various factors such as distance, time frame, and cost. It is important to consider the various options and choose the best transportation method for a particular shipment.


  • Can I track my vehicle shipment?

Yes, as long as your driver actively uses a GPS tracking system. If you are working with a vehicle transport broker, you can request GPS tracking from your driver. This technology is still relatively new in the auto shipping industry, so only a few carriers offer it. For the most accurate shipping updates, communicate directly with your driver or broker.

  • What does it cost to track my automobile shipment?

Car Tracking is free. For updates, you can contact your carrier or broker directly. You can also use a tracking number if your driver provides one, but phone and email are the most common ways trucking companies provide updates. While calculating vehicle transportation prices, always look into hidden prices mention directly or indirectly on the website.

  • What does “in transit” mean for my vehicle?

Your vehicle has been picked up by an auto transporter and is currently on its way to its final destination. You should be provided with an estimated delivery time for your vehicle. For the latest information about your shipment, contact your carrier or broker.


Every day of the year, we have proven us as the best car shipping company providing 5-star customer service to vehicle owners in all 50 states and tows more than 200,000 vehicles annually. Customers across the country rely on Best Way Auto Transport to safely transport their cars, motorcycles, trucks, and SUVs, regardless of the vehicle being transported.